Tuesday, 11 August 2015

new adventures

Of all the girls, the one I've had the most emotions over going to school is Boo. 
My sensitive, nature loving, quirky, hobbit girl. 

She has been unsure about starting high school. It will be her first ever school experience. 

Boo is one of life's observers. She notices everything, holds back and gets involved only when she is really comfortable.
Yet one of her very favorite activities is Drama.  When she is on stage she has no fear, she dances, sings and acts her heart out.
She also attracts friends easily, even though she tries her very best to be a mysterious loner.

It's hard.
After seven years of homeschooling and being given responsibility over her own timetable, hair and clothing choices and all the time she needed to rest and play throughout the day as well as help me run errands, cook etc, it'll be a learning curve to give up that level of autonomy and responsibility.

As a Mama, my perspective on certain, rules, regulations, disciplinary measures, classroom layout, free time and the way younger people are treated differently by older people in the education system has changed much over these last years.
We've talked about the way things work and why. We have lots of teacher friends and she knows that teachers only want the best for their students and as far as the system goes, humanity usually trumps bureaucracy.

I've given her three pieces of advice. 

Be brave be kind and be yourself.

I hope they will be words of life to her during both the excitement and challenge new experiences bring.
And, if things don't work out, she, we, us... will carve out another path through bracken and fern of ways yet untrod. After all, it's not like we haven't done it before.

We bought her uniform yesterday.
The other girls were at a friends house so it was just us three. Boo, Tani and I.
The woman at the clothes shop said she had gone to the same school Boo was going to.
While she wrapped up the Blazer, kilt, leotard, dance shoes and hockey boots she chatted with Boo and I noticed a seed of expectancy and excitement grow into a small upward curve upon her mouth.
With her pocket money she bought a beautiful, hand bound notebook to journal the coming year in. Boo loves crisp white pages full of  possibility just as much as her Mama does.
We took her to lunch at a favourite local cafe and she told us about how she wants to work with wolves like Jim and Jamie Ducher, or set up camp in the rainforest to research and protect  endangered species.

Then we walked along the canal, now frog-green with pond-weed and dappled by a canopy of trees and romantisised the life of narrow-boaters, imagining evenings watching foxes, and mornings waking up to birdsong.

On the way home she said she was excited about her new adventure.


  1. I smile knowing there are beautiful souls like your Boo in this world, Wants to work with wolves or research endangered species? What an amazing young women and I know life holds many wonderful adventures for her. Please give her all my best wishes as she begins high school and fills her new stunning journal with memories.

  2. Oh, I like that uniform. Rather the same as all our kids/grands have/are wearing. But with white tops. No blazer. The plaid is blue and they were blue sweaters, when it gets colder.

    I really like uniforms! It takes away the monetary differences, in each girl's background, at least in school. Because some can always afford "the latest thing." And some can not. That's life.

    I wish her well. And I wish her courage. Because all schooling needs a good amount of courage. Preparation for life, of course.

    Gentle hugs,

  3. You gave her great advice. I like the colors in her uniform.
    I'm glad she's so excited about her new adventure. I would be like you if one of my girls decided she was ready to try school, encouraging, but nervous.

  4. <3 good luck to your Boo. and beautiful advice

  5. A beautiful journal to chronicle a great new adventure. I feel the same way about our new adventure into homeschool. I've even got my own journaling planned :) I hope it is everything she wants it to be.

  6. That is wonderful advice. Wishing her all the best on this new adventure.

  7. she has good roots, everything'll be ok at school, i'm sure

  8. Aww, it all sounds a bit exciting. A new adventure, great advice, and a mama who has got your back - all the best things. I hope you are feeling ready too. xo

  9. I pray your daughter stays as unique and lovely as she seems to be right now. I hope the new year brings a lot of new and beautiful things to her.

  10. Wonderful advice. I hope that whatever the path it takes her where she wants to go and her companions are worthy of her wisdom and company.


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