Thursday, 26 May 2022

Some thoughts on education from a Carmelite Priest.


Pere Jacques was a Carmelite Priest and "Martyr of Love" 1900 - 1946

I'm sharing some wonderful notes from my Carmelite group on this fascinating priest, who was headmaster of Le Petit College de Sainte Therese and who died at Mauthausen concentration camp on 2nd June 1945.

At a time when discipline was paramount and teaching was heavily didactic, that is, a matter of the teacher giving information and the pupil receiving it, Fr. Jacques approach to education was quite revolutionary. The teacher was not "to block the child's horizon by always walking in front of him." Instead he must " let the child go ahead, following him and only intervening discreetly when it is necessary, always with tact and discretion."

Such an approach issued from a belief that the child isn't an empty, passive vessel into which teachers pour knowledge; it rests on confidence that the children have an innate desire for, and a capacity to, learn an grow, that they are made to engage with the world in order to become what they are made to be.

Fr. Jacques did not derive his confidence from psychology so much as from his Christian understanding of the human person. 

He agreed with St. Thomas Aquinas that freedom is the great attribute of the human being made in the image of God. Education involved, therefore, enabling children to realise their true freedom, so they would not remain slaves to their own heredity or unexamined ideology. Fr. Jacque emphasized the importance of education in the formation of character.

Catholic thinking define education as "integral human development with a view to man's final end." That is man's final end is sanctity and union with God. It also emphasizes the role if education in producing citizens who will build a world in accordance with the highest human values, that is, values consistent with the Gospel.

In his "Mission statement for the college at Avon he states: " A Teacher is to awaken the child so that the child can realise fully all that God has in view for him, through the complete blossoming of his personality."

Some quotes from Fr. Jacque:

"The human soul, a flower more delicate and subtle than the most beautiful of flowers, needs calm, recollection, serenity if it is to bloom harmoniously."

" The true end of all human education must be: holiness."

"Make no mistake about it: holiness is even better than art or genius in bringing about the blossoming of our personality. Only the saints are truly free. Holiness and liberty go together."

"The most decisive victory will be won on the day that the educator makes his pupil see and enjoy the difference between joy and pleasure."

To succeed in this education of the children of God there is one essential condition: there must be an atmosphere of joy."

"Gentleness is the characteristic of all pedagogic activity, its the fundamental disposition, the permanent state of soul of the educator."

"Gentleness, true gentleness, strong and calm gentleness, can only dwell in a heart that is totally self-forgetful so that it thinks only of others, who has no greater happiness than to let all his time, all his strength, all his devotion be absorbed by those who need a word, some advice, some service, in short, a heart which keeps nothing for itself, but gives all it has and is, without reflecting on the importance of this gift."

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The Real Influencers


I just want to say, never underestimate the effect your online presence has on others.

I was thinking about years ago when I first discovered blogging. I’d always liked to write and to share my thoughts on the internet seemed daunting. But, I was very lonely. I’d just moved to a new town and I didn’t know anyone. We were living in a bad area. Family was distant and I had three, soon to be four, then five little ones. I had only just embraced my faith in Jesus and I felt very alone in my journey as a Christian and a mother. The internet seemed to unlock a world to me. 

Then I found a group of women bloggers who were mothers and Christians. They posted about ordinary things, the things I was going through, mundane things, hard things, beautiful things. Their faith shone through their words, giving them strength. This overflowed off the page ( screen) and into my own ordinary world transfiguring it and showing me the profound meaning in it.

I was blessed by these women more than I can say. They inspired me, encouraged me, edified me, convicted me.

My children were blessed as my own journey of motherhood was blessed. I will always hold a special place in my heart for those women.

I dearly miss those humble, earthy, homely and homespun blogs although I find similar beautiful souls on Instagram, even if it is a little more fast paced.

A few years ago, I heard that one of these women passed away. I literally went into my bedroom and wept. I had never met or spoken to this sweet, Godly woman, but my children’s childhoods would not have been the same without her generous wisdom and quiet, strong faith. That is because she guided me, as a woman and a mother into the sacredness of my vocation and role. 

We are all influencers in our way. The effects of our lives will only be fully realised in eternity.

Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled. 

-Titus 2:3-5

( I just want to thank those who have commented recently. My laptop is not working properly and I’ve just changed my phone and for some reason my replies to your comments aren’t appearing in the blog. I’m really sorry. I think it will work better through my laptop once it’s fixed. I appreciate your kind comments so much) 

Friday, 15 April 2022


If we equip a child, to be emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically strong, they will be okay.

If we only equip them academically, then regardless how good their grades and how many exams they get, they won’t be okay.

We must always be driven by our love rather than our fear.

What we value matters. Our values build the kind of world we inhabit and the world  our kids will inhabit.

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Boo interviewed on Klan Kosova


Boo really enjoyed her interview on Klan Kosova this morning.

She sings her new song at the end of the interview,

To watch, please click the link below.

Btw, I’m so sorry for not responding to comments. I’ve recently had to get a new phone and I’ve had some problems signing in to comment on blogger for some reason. I’m trying to sort it out.

I just want to say I appreciate all who take time to comment. Thank you so much.

I’m not ignoring you ❤️ 

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Boo plays a traditional Albanian song on TV


Boo’s track ‘Don’t Give Up’ was chosen as track of the week and featured on Jack Rafferty’s late show.

If you’d like to hear her interview with Jack Rafferty you can copy and paste the link below into your browser. 

Boo was also featured on ‘Good Morning Albania’

To watch, click the link below:

Her Dad is translating.

Boo sings a traditional Albanian song at minute 10:44

Saturday, 12 March 2022

Interview tonight


Hey guys, just a quick post to say Boo is being interviewed by BBC introducing tonight.

We are really excited as they will be featuring her new song ‘Don’t Give Up’ 

All proceeds from this song will be donated to Ukraine Red Cross. 

Please tune in if you can xxx

Sunday, 6 February 2022

How New Age Spirituality has influenced Culture and Why - Some thoughts and a video

I'm sharing, in this post, a fascinating and important talk on the roots and influence of New Age philosophy in all aspects of modern society and why people are turning away from Christianity.

Over the course of my lifetime (43) years I have seen a huge shift. People have overwhelmingly abandoned traditional Christianity and turned to atheism, agnostism, or new age spirituality. 

Why has this happened? 

I believe that a major sifting is happening. In the past, people ascribed to Christian beliefs  because the church was a force in the culture. There were social privileges that came with being a "good church going Christian" and social sanctions for not being one. People didn't necessarily have to really believe to gain access to these privileges, they only had to put on a good show which led to the kind of hypocrisy that scandalised many and that Jesus, more than anyone spent his life on earth decrying. Jesus hated hypocrisy.

These days the opposite is true. Indeed, to be a true Christian these days means being ostracised by polite society. Much of The Bible is considered either irrelevant, offensive to modern sensibilities or both. Religion is thought to be too controlling and outmoded or just a crutch for the weak. 

Behaviour that would have been considered shocking in the past is now acceptable. This has led many people  to freely indulge in all manner of activities that would have meant social exclusion in the past. This has prevented a lot of hypocrisy while also revealing the truth of people's hearts. 

When given the opportunity to live as we want without any negative social implications and indeed, even with social rewards, what will we do? This "free" cultural atmosphere reveals the truth of souls. 

What reveals truth? Revelation. I do believe that we are living in a time  that the book of Revelation, the final book of The Bible speaks about. This book is also called The Apocalypse. The Bible prophesies a great apostasy or turning away from the truth in the end days.

Yet, human beings haven't ever lived and cannot live without God. So to fill the need for God on their own terms, they invent their own. Spirituality has taken over from Christianity. This Spirituality doesn't depend on any absolute truths but relative ones which means everyone gets to make their own god or gods with their own attributes that fulfil all the particular specifications of the individual. These gods give no absolute commandments to protect and guide or free the soul from the limitations and bondage of self and sin.

In these self made, customised religions, there is no need for mystery because esoteric knowledge will be given to the initiated. There is no need for guidance or doctrine or the protection of the church because there is only love and light in the spiritual realms. There is no need to pray, because power is manifested from within if you are "enlightened." Eventually, the end result is that people become their own gods. But we cannot save ourselves. We cannot free ourselves from ourselves. We need a Saviour. We need God. 

This talk is particularly fascinating to me because it reflects some of my own journey from New Age philosophy, heavily influenced by Anthroposophy, to traditional Catholicism.

These new age philosophies influence music, media, films, fashion and much of modern culture. They are so powerful and able to move so freely because, those in positions of power, the elite, are steeped in them themselves through masonry and they infuse the culture with these beliefs as a form of social engineering. 

These new age philosophies which stem from masonic networks are infiltrating Christianity too now and getting mixed up in a modern form of Christianity which contains a lot of heresies. People don't understand the danger of heresy anymore. It sounds like such an outdated word. Yet one small heresy is akin to making the smallest engineering part of a ship a millimetre out of shape. It won't necessarily make an enormous difference at first, yet over the course of years and generations it will lead to major error and turn the course of the whole ship. 

Freemasonry influenced that period of history known as  "The Enlightenment" which attempted to de spiritualise humanity. Lucifer (one of the names of the adversary - Satan) is known as an angel of light. Yet the light or "knowledge" he gives is false, deceives, leads away from true light and leads to destruction of the soul.

The story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil led them out of the garden of Eden where they could walk with God in truth, beauty, goodness and love to the hard world, where "the prince of this world" causes havoc and the mortal body dies.

But the soul is eternal and how we live in this temporal world effect our soul in very real ways. Jesus came to teach us these eternal truths, He came to guide us and to save us. He said: 

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." - John 10:27-28

"The Church is that within which is right order. Outside the puerilities and despairs, even in these, our earthly miseries, we always hear the distant something of an eternal music and smell a native air. Within that household, the human spirit has roof and hearth. Outside, it is the night." - Hilaire Belloc