Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Yarn Along...

Joining Ginny today for another lovely "Yarn Along"
I have finished the little jacket and leggings from the simple garter stitch pattern I started last week!
They look so snugly I can't wait to wrap a little baby bundle in them!
Emmy has been working on a little turquoise hat for the baby. She really prefers crochet to knitting but I'm pretty sure this simple pinwheel beanie pattern will win her over :)
As for reading. Well Matilda received a beautiful copy of "The Root Children" from a dear friend for her birthday.
This simple, magical tale of the seasons has been our staple story book this week. The girls really love the little characters and the gentle tale of how spring awakens beneath the earth.


  1. That sweater is so sweet!! I especially love the beautiful chunky buttons! And I am adding Root children to our book list :)--thank you!!

  2. The sweater and pants turned out adorable! Love the blue for the baby hat :)

  3. LOVE the sweater and pants!! Baby will be so cozy in them :-)

  4. Beautiful work! I love the pants. The books look great too... thanks for sharing!

  5. So sweet! I want a close up of those buttons - they are gorgeous!

  6. That outfit it so gorgeous, it makes me want another baby - Well done!

  7. What an adorable outfit! They are wonderful...
    We love the Root Children. Sometimes I think Mama loves them even more than the kids!

  8. That is THE MOST adorable outfit! I love it. :) We love the Root Children too. :) It's nearly time for some root children reading around here!

  9. Beautiful set of jacket and pants! I'm sure the baby will look so cute in them!

  10. Your baby outfit is just beautiful. I can just imagine your beautiful little one dressed so snuggly. The Root Children is a favorite here as well. This week from the library we checked out one of her other books, The Princess in the Forest. Another lovely read.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  11. The sweater and pants turned out so cute, love those garter stitch sweaters! The Root Children is a favorite here too :)

  12. love oozes from every stitch of that outfit.

    and how you stitch yourself to the world with love.


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