Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Yarn Along...

Getting ready ot join Ginny for another lovely "Yarn Along".

I have found a lovely simple, free baby knitting pattern which includes hat booties, leggings and a little jacket....wait for it.... in garter stitch! \0/ Yes that's the complete set!

Now I do love to have a pattern that I can get my teeth into but I'm running out of knitting days before this little baba arrives so a pattern I can knit up quickly while "on the run" is simply perfect for me right now:)

For beginner knitters... or those who simply love garter stitch...or those who want something they can knit while boiling an egg, standing on one leg and chasing a toddler... here's a link!
Happy knitting.

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As for reading, well as of late, we have been having great fun dipping in and out of " The Shirley Hughes Collection of poems and stories".
I highly recommend it for small children and mamas alike!
It is fun to read and contains the most gorgeous characters such as the famous "Annie Rose" and "Alfie" painted "to life" by the magic of Shirley Hughes' pen and brush.


  1. That book is gorgeous, I love the vintage illustrations. I will have to see if I can find the book at the library, my kids would like it. Beautiful yarn!

  2. I love that book!!! Knitting, standing on one leg, boiling an egg and chasing a toddler huh? Now THAT is a good challenge :).

  3. Nothing like knitting baby clothes in garter stitch! I love how squishy it is!

  4. yay! my cousin will have a baby!!! finally there'll be some small people in our family to knit for! thanks for inspiration! :)

  5. I love how far you are making that oatmeal wool go - very impressive - and on one leg!!
    We love Lucy and Tom at the Seaside! - And, of course, Shirley Hughes beautiful paintings always impress me!

  6. I LOVE Shirley Hughes! I can't wait till my little Kate is big enough to enjoy them!

  7. It's going to be such a sweet set, how lovley and that vintage book is awesome!

  8. The book looks wonderful. I love the illustrations. It is on my list to find. Thanks.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  9. Oh I am not a beginner but I do LOVE garter stitch so this one might be for me.

  10. Those illustrations are amazing. What a great read!


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