Friday, 29 January 2016

{Soulfood Friday}

Cosy baby boy knits...

 Quiet, grey days...

A birthday lunch at a favourite haunt...

 Garden greens...

 More stream of consciousness watercolouring...

Warming embers in the grate...

Every Friday I'll be pausing to notice something from the week that has nourished my soul. 

A special, sacred-everyday moment captured on camera, or perhaps a snippet from a book, a recipe still warm from the kitchen or something whimsical that simply made me smile.
Here are a few simple things that have fed my soul this week. 

What has inspired/fed/nourished your soul this week friends? 
 Feel free to link up to your own soulful spaces either at the bottom of this post or in the comments.




  1. Oh those wee knits, soon right?
    Enjoy all the beauty this world has to offer Suzy Mae.
    I hope you are feeling well.

    1. Thank you Tracey :) Yes only seven weeks to go!!!

  2. Yours is a beautiful blog with some lovely pictures. Thank you for the inspiration xx

  3. Looks so lovely and settled... Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Such lovely, peaceful moments from your week. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. What a beautiful week. Some lovely moments to savour.

  6. Beautiful photoimpressions!
    The green looks so fresh and not wintry (with us all green is down by the frost)
    Have a good weekend

  7. that baby boy will be warmly dressed up.
    beautiful drawings!

  8. I love watercolors. Your photos ar beautiful!
    Have a nice quiet weekend!

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