Sunday, 19 July 2015

Some interesting reads from around the web this week.


Some interesting links I've happily stumbled upon this week.

I am in the process of building a pinterest board of inspiring women for my girls.

"Now I Become Myself" So happy Tonia is writing again.

How Wolves change rivers: A beautiful and moving short film illustrating the unique importance of primary predators such as wolves in the health of eco-systems.

Teaching Kids when to Break the law at Rebel Parents. Food for thought.

Doesn't this school look wonderful? Learning in the woods with Mighty Oaks.

A beautiful and moving talk from Bioneers, Robin Kimmerer:
"The Teachings of Grass"


  1. Great links, thank you.
    And the photos, oh, I do love
    your photos, always!
    Happy Monday.

  2. Milla's post was awesome wasn't it, but then they always are.

    If you'd care to email me your address m'dear you've won Forgotten Ways for Modern Days in my giveaway :o)


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