Friday, 17 July 2015

A small paragraph in a new chapter

Seeing the girls dressed in their school uniforms arouses many feelings within me.
On the one hand, they love their gingham summer dresses, shiny shoes and white ankle socks and they are excited about art club and gardening club, sports days and Summer fĂȘtes which makes me very glad and more than a little relieved... Yet after homeschooling for so many years my perspective has changed concerning things as seemingly benign as uniforms, classes, homework and the like. I realise that these are things we can talk about, discuss and question at home as we navigate our way along this new path.

Of course I also miss our gentle days together here at home. There is a nostalgia and that quiet ache all mothers understand too well as their children grow up.  My home is very quiet during those 6 hours they are away.

The girls have made lots of friends very quickly and there are lots of play-dates booked over the Summer holidays. However the friendships of little girls can be  mercurial and being used to their small but steadfast homeschool buddies this has come as some surprise.
Seraphina is strong, outgoing and full of energy but her feelings and attachments run deep which makes it hard for her not to get hurt when friendships don't last. Realising that being besties forever when you're 8 and a half  might only mean besties for this afternoon's break-time can be somewhat dismaying for such an earnest type. Matilda is more sanguine and philosophical but there have been moments when she's suddenly burst into tears about something that happened during the day and I wish I could have been there at the time to help her work it out.

Emmy was bullied badly during her last two years at school and it has left me concious of how children often bottle things up and push on when they feel powerless.
I probably read too deeply into things and am too sensitive on their behalf. I know we can't protect them from everything but I want them to know that they can seek comfort and help from the grown ups around them whenever they need it and just as importantly, they can change their circumstances if they are unhappy.

They are always excited to go off in the morning and are getting used to making sure they have everything they need the night before to avoid tears and last minute panics of "Wear's my jumper?" "Where's my library book.!" "You're wearing my shoes!"  etc... etc...

The school has a real family feeling to it which was really important to us. They made no issue of the fact that Seraphina struggles with her reading. On her second day, her teacher gave her a special art book all her own because she loves to draw and paint.

On Monday the girls took a dried sea urchin that had washed up on the shore while we were at the sea on Saturday. They were really excited to research sea urchins so they could talk about their find at school. "Show and tell" has definitely  become a weekly highlight.

Yesterday we went to their sports day event and although I can't share pictures of the races as they involve other kids Nola and I did sneak into the veggie garden to take some pictures :)



  1. Such a wonderful post. I remember all to well the quiet of the house when the kids were at school. But then 3:30 arrived and the life breath of the home was there again! Thanks for the memories! Enjoy your summer!

  2. It's hard not to be sensitive where are children are concerned, especially when it comes to being bullied.
    The girls look adorable in their uniforms. Love the photos as always.

  3. I understand completely about seeing their struggles. After seeing my daughter's attitude and behavior shifting these last two years, we decided to pull her out and we are starting homeschool in September. Their school seems much more relaxed and fun then the one's around here. I wish they would have gardens and compost heaps. Those are some lessons I could get behind :)

  4. I hope the summer holidays bring happy times x

  5. What a lovely school garden. Sounds like things are settling well with school. The uniforms are adorable.

  6. The uniforms are adorable. I can relate to everything you wrote - that ache is a familiar one to me. With a month and half left of summer, I can feel it creep in at times. Sounds like a great school.

  7. I can feel for Emmy.... With her school experience... From 7th grade, through 11th grade, I was not bullied. But I was completely alone.

    No friends. No one allowed me into their clicks. No one to eat lunch with at noontime. Others would hurry and 'be done' and get away, when I came into the lunch room. Things like that. (Oh and I never told my parents. I felt it was my fault, some how.)

    In 12th grade, one click of 2 girls broke up. And I was allowed to slip in, with one of the girls. So I had one year of a more typical High School year.

    But the experience of the other 5 years, has never left my mind.

    Hugs to Emmy.... I certainly hope she is in a congenial surrounding now.


    1. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience Tessa. These years can leave such lasting memories both for good and ill. It is so heartbreaking to be left out, I remember experiencing the same thing at school. Wishing you all the best :) x

  8. Oh my heart. My oldest was treated poorly when he played sports for the local high school - he played for three years and I never knew what he was going through until his senior year when he decided he didn't need that any more. My heart was crushed. But he went on to college and found his tribe of people and became loved and happy and all was well, so it is good to remember that this too shall pass, even though we mommas can hardly bear it in the mean time. I hope dear Emmy is shaking the dust right off her feet and going out to conquer the world. And prayers and hope over the girls coming behind. They are such lovely beings. Hugs to you my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Tonia :) I'm so sorry to hear about what your lovely son went through. I'm so glad he shook the dust off his feet and made a wonderful life for himself. There is much to be said for finding your own tribe. Emmy is so strong. I am so proud of her. She has come so far and has found people who love her for who she is inside. xx


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