Monday, 7 December 2009

Inner connectedness

It doesn't have to be all about, activities, or shoe-horning the children into over demanding schedules.

A little bit of talking, connecting, natural conversation and reading aloud goes such a long way with helping the girls to internalize knowledge.

Instead of being "outside" of the learning process, almost as an overseer, I am trying to get "within" the learning process with them.

 See things through their eyes.

This is so helpful for both myself and the girls and it is creating such bonds between us.

It is not hard to learn when learning is a joyful experience for all involved.

I have found that they pick up on "my vision" too.

My feelings and general attitude are reflected by them.

They really are little mirrors, polished to reflect and interpret the world around them.

This is why I feel so much responsibility to teach them the most important things in life.

My scripture for the year is Jesus's parable of the vine where he reminds his disciples that he is the vine and they are the branches. To receive life, truth, strength, peace (all the gifts of the spirit) they must learn to remain "in Him."

This can be so hard when I keenly feel a thousand different tugs from every side of my life.
I feel like Jesus is trying to pull me down into the deep waters, while I am often fearfully trying to scramble up to the tempestuous surface for air.

My mind is on dinner, activities, expectations, a clean house, responsibilities, ....

And I forget that non of these things will reach true fulfillment unless I remain "in Him" As a branch connected to the vine of life.

To remain at peace in the deep waters of His life is what I want the children to learn about first.

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  1. What a wonderful reflection on the love and intimacies of being a parent. A lesson you teach so well! Cathy


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