Monday, 24 September 2012

Traditional Crafts at Woolsthorpe Manor

 Weekending with Amanda @ Habit of Being


Nola and I spent the morning peacefully pottering around in the garden.


I read a little and we curled up for a little nap before lunch.


We had a quiet afternoon.

In the evening Tani took them all to see "Visualise" a performance art duo, at our local theatre.

It was very exciting to go out to the theatre while it was almost dark!

The girls returned home with bright eyes, balloons and lots to tell! Visualize, mime their whole act so their performances are very mesmerizing to watch.



We headed off to Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Issac Newton.


We wondered around the house, learnt about Issac Newton's life.


Visited the room where he was born and the room where he discovered that light is made up of every colour.

They had also preserved a "graffiti sketch of a bird that he had etched into one of the walls as a child!

At least I know it's not just my kids that draw on the walls!


The girls even found some windfalls from the very orchard that incpired Issac Newton's discovery of Gravity.


The rural crafts that were on show were really interesting.


The girls struck their own coin, and saw a blacksmith at work.


We all had a lovely long conversation with a wooden spoon maker.

He was such a wonderful inspiration!

He had been carving spoons for 50 years and loved to share his art with young people who had an interest.


Emmy and Boo told him all about the wooden spoons and buttons they had made and he gave them lots of advice on which timbers work best for which spoons and the best ways of preparing the wood.

We bought two of his spoons.

The wood carries a buttery texture and is infused with a soulfulness that is rare to find.

When we asked him if he had an on line shop he laughed , "No! I still have one foot in the swamp."

How nice to find a crafts person who works for the simple love and joy of passing on a tradition!



  1. I know I have said it before, but I honestly mean it, how wonderful to grow up in your home!
    Thank you for sharing your weekend, I especially like seeing the wooden spoon display. My youngest has been working on learning to carve spoons and I can't wait to show him your pictures.
    Emmy's eye looks amazing! I love to draw eyes myself and I have a niece who does the same thing. Windows to the soul? Yes indeed.

  2. what a wonderful wonderful weekend!!! and such amazing photos, but I think my favorite has to be your little one in her handknit sweater with the flower. frameable!!! (and thanks for hopping into my blog!!!)

  3. wow, how awesome suzy. i want to take my kids there! they would love it. there is just too much wonder in this post, i love it.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend

  5. Suzy. Your photos are magical -- make me, more than ever, want to visit the British Isles some day. (Imagine finding fruit from the orchard where Isaac Newton sat!) And Emmy's sketch! Holy cow! She's amazing! Loved sharing your weekend, and how your family lives and learns together. Just a little lovin going on at your house!

  6. What a perfect sounding weekend. And Emmy's sketch is amazing!!!

  7. Wow, looks like an amazing weekend! You do the coolest stuff with your kids. You all lead a fascinating life. The eye sketch is so pretty. Hope your week is as great as your weekend was!

  8. sounds like a full but wonderful weekend! i especially like the new to you fleece and curry night and laughter...perfect.

  9. Oh, what an ideal weekend! I love "Living History" museums and can't wait until we visit one again!


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