Monday, 3 September 2012

Birthday - {Weekending}



Quiet, early morning crafting,

My favourite time of day to make and create.

I channeled some of the creative energy that has been building up over the last week or so into my newly carded and plant dyed Lincoln Long wool, oh, the bliss.

House stepped a little over the comfortably messy mark into the just too messy mark while I was lost in my creative "zone".

This Mama grumbled a little about it while scurrying about shoving little pieces of wayward chaos into cupboards and drawers, And then internally grumbled about grumbling.

Some outdoor refreshment was required, garden play and an impromptu dolly tea party with invitations and everything.

The girls get lost in their own world so quickly, and often the less adult intervention the better.

Beatrix Potter Rabbit Tales before bed ended the day on a gentle note.


Tani and I went to The George in Stamford for afternoon tea as a birthday treat (for him)

We had full high tea with sandwich selection, some Victoria sandwich and scones with cream and jam finished off with a lovely glass of champagne.
 Does teatime get any more special?

A pianist was playing as we sat in the courtyard which created a beautiful ambiance.

Afterwards we went for a walk by the river and identified our future house with it's own little moored up lugger.

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  1. My husband and I are that couple that notices young families! Ours are away at universities and even though it is quiet and empty it is fun to be the two of us again :)

  2. i think about that too, how strange it will be... yet how beautiful. a new season, moving on together. i, too, pray we will always stay close.

    what a beautiful weekend you have had suzy.

  3. Your tea sounds so wonderful, Suzy! Happy Birthday to Tani!

  4. yes! i agree. it will be so weird to not have the kids around and underfoot...i guess we'll have to relearn how to function ;-)

  5. Oh you are so right, it will be strange not to have my little one around. Your tea sounds just lovely.


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