Wednesday, 13 June 2012

{Yarn Along}

I am joining Ginny @ Small Things today for {Yarn Along} Frontier Dreams  and WIP Wednesday

I finished testing out my doll sweater knitting pattern over the weekend. I like this cable it is simple and repetitive enough to do without looking.
 I like that kind of knitting. It can come in very handy when you have a wiggly, wriggly 1 and a bit year old around :)
It is available here in my shop.



misty straw

Nola is definitely turning into the family princess :)

 Nola in the garden

She is becoming very vocal about telling us what she does and does not want. She is also the most demonstrative baby I think I've ever had!

We were at a fun park the other day and she met another little baby in the ball pool. Nola loves other little babies to bits. So she starts resting her head on this baby, stroking his hair and face. Trying to kiss him with little wet cheepy bird mouth kisses. The baby, who was an only child and not used to all this  baby attention sat completely still, watching Nola with grave intensity from the corner of his eye. I don't think the baby minded her pawing. He was just a little bemused by it:)

Nola is also desperate to get into anything and everything she knows she is not to at the moment. That means switches, remotes, phones, cupboards , any kind of utensil whatsoever...

She is also a clean queen apparently. She will find any small bitty bit of dust on the carpet and give it to me in the most solemn way as if she is doing a very important job.
She also loves to get a dishcloth and pretend to wash everything. She scrubs at her baby dolls, the carpet, the doors, the poor cat...saying very softly sh sh sh as she goes :)

So onto reading, I have been re-reading "No Greater Love" by Mother Teresa.


I love the simplicity of this book. Mother Teresa's spirit shines through her words and hers is a refreshing voice in the sometimes over complex modern world of ours. I also love her because she was Albanian, like my husband :) Something I only found out a couple of years ago.

Here is a favourite excerpt:

"We do not need to carry out grand things in order to show a great love for God and for our neighbour. It is the intensity of love we put into our gestures that makes them into something beautiful for God.
Peace and war start within ones own home. If we really want peace for the world, let us start by loving one another within our families. Sometimes it is hard for us to smile at one another. It is often difficult for the husband to smile at his wife or for the wife to smile at her husband.
In order for love to be genuine, it has to be above all a love for our neighbour. We must love those who are nearest to us, in our own family.
From there, love spreads toward whoever may need us.
It is easy to love those who live far away. It is not always easy to love those who live right next to us. It is easier to offer a dish of rice to meet the hunger of a needy person than to comfort the loneliness and the anguish of someone in our own home who does not feel loved."


  1. I love the dolls jumper, just wish my knitting skills were up to such a lovely project (I'm sure i will get there)
    little princess is just gorgeous.

  2. ooh the dolls jumper is lovely - and fits perfectly. your little princess is so pretty. have a knitty wednesday xxx

  3. I can foresee a lot of very happy dolls with warm snuggly jumpers. Nola is such a sweetie. Jacinta

  4. such lovely words....I've never read that book, but must find it!
    (Lucky dolly.....great wardrobe!)

  5. Oh my goodness - that sweater is beautiful! I'm going to have to remember it when I'm finished making J's doll for her birthday…a little sweater for her little friend might be *just* the thing to put in her stocking at Christmas… xo

  6. I love knitting for dolls. And you have made such a lovely for yours.
    Thanks for sharing your book, very deep strong words.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  7. i love reading biographies, Mother Therea is a good idea!
    and you're right, having projects on the needles that allow you to knit without looking is practical! although my little boy is 2 1/2 now, so the really wriggly days are over ;)

  8. Oh those doll sweaters are just adorable. Makes me a little sad that our girls don't play with dolls anymore...

  9. your dolls are amazing suzy. and nola. oh my.

  10. I love the sweater! Little Nola is so cute.... hello baby girl!

  11. The doll sweater is adorable! And your little girl is SUPER CUTE! Speaking as a princess, I love to see little princesses in training.

  12. Gorgeous sweater and princess! I have not come across that book, but it looks like I might need to, thanks, Jane x.

  13. The words just touched me so much. Thank you for posting them. Ps, love your doll + sweater

  14. A gorgeous doll and a beautiful jumper for her :) I am sure she and it are well loved!

  15. beautiful dolls, this was so sweet to read too. what a lovely book to share as well. i would love to read it too.

  16. Adorable doll sweaters! I love the pink one. Those cleaning skills will come in very handy!

  17. A child that cleans! Yippee! I'd encourage that behaviour for sure!

  18. Your dolls are beautiful and the sweaters are awesome! What a lovely book, adding it to my list, thanks for sharing.

  19. Beautiful. All of it. So much lingers in my mind after I'm done reading a post. Love it.

  20. beautiful. i love the validation theresa's quote brings that we can make a difference in the world right in our own homes. i love how you describe your little nola. a girl after my own heart really. i love kissing babies and have a penchant for house cleaning too!

  21. I think I will have to check out that book. I love the doll sweater. Hmm, maybe our dolls need new sweaters... :) Thanks for linking up with Keep Calm Craft On!


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