Monday, 18 June 2012


 Joining Amanda @ "The Habit of Being" for Weekending



Sent my 8 year old off on cub camp with her big sissy Friday night....
Lots of tears. Lot's of excitement.  I wrapped up the little burrowing owl stone and put it in her pocket.
Tucked her prayer book into her sleeping bag.

Got stuck in the Etsy trenches for an hour or two
Decided I won't be doing that again. (too many rabbit holes)
I am a simple soul, I need...
one thing
at a time
I need to be present


Went to our local national trust park
Jumped in lots of muddy puddles with trainers on
Girlies cried over wet soggy feet.

Jumped in muddy puddles with trainers on again.

Thought how beautiful the world looks in the sunlight after a shower of rain.

Letting something go for love to come in.

Played rock paper scissors till it was time to go.

Nola squealing in my arms on the toy train as it whistled through the woods.

Collecting smokey smelling, muddy, red cheeked camper girls with big smiles on their faces.

Running hot baths.

Eating warm bowls of pasta.

Hearing good old camping stories
one after another till bed.


  1. Once again I find myself thinking how wonderful it must be to grow up in your home Suzy Q, you are amazing.
    I've missed you so much and am glad to visit here once again, you soothe my soul.

  2. Lovely. I agree with Tracey! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

  3. "I am a simple soul, I need...
    one thing
    at a time
    I need to be present

    Your words speak to my heart.

  4. I saw an interview with Russel Brand about his life story, which completely changed my mind about him.
    I hope your week brings you more goodness.


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