Monday, 4 June 2012

At the Beach {weekending}

Joining Amanda @ Habit of Being today for weekending :)

early rising
picnic packing
wave chasing
girl squealing
stinging shoulders
toasted red
salty air
salty sandwiches
tired tears
vinegar drenched fish n' chips with a sea view
chasing  the sunset in the car ride home
sandy silt scouring out the bathtub
fishy smelling "treasures" from the sea scattered in the garden
girls asleep before we got home

jubilee washout
rain drilling the roof and echoing in the fireplace
curling up on the sofa bed, flags in hand
to watch the queen sail down the Thames
squirmy, bored girls
energised by
treats from the bakery
homemade korma and madras
and and early bedtime
talking long into the night
tired but happy.

 fi sea

 boo castle

 Fi in her Mama made sunhat. The pattern is from "All Year Round"





  1. Your sand and sea pictures are so different from the ones I have here, I love seeing the difference.
    Was watching the queen sail down the Thames something everyone does? That is an event I don't know anything about.
    Are you ready for the Olympics to start? Are you close enough to see any of the events? My son is so excited to watch.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. You and the girls are lovely...Emmy looks so peaceful and self-possessed.

  3. looks like our favorite beach,but dang it, it couldn't be! what a beautiful weekend you had suzy. and bakery treats? the perfect ending to those days...


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