Friday, 22 June 2012


 Joining Lisa Jo @ The Gypsymama today for 5 minute Friday...

Five Minute Friday


I try to avoid it.
I have felt it's sting before.
Fallen off the edge
And scraped myself sore.

But I want to learn to embrace
it better, let myself fly free
Let faith be my wings
Hope my flight
Love the thermals that take me higher

Faith can embrace me better
that way.
Love will become deeper
that way
Dreams can dream further
and hope can become
what it is meant to become.

Risk management is what
the world seems to be about today
Insurance plans
Security policies
Pensions, mortgages, health care

I want to walk the way of risking
for love

someone said
What is life if you can't live your own story
to the edge of the page
till the paper curls

I have a blank canvas
And the story that might be written upon it
is worth more than life to me.

disturb us


  1. Beautiful poem Suzy. I have never heard that prayer before, after my week it has been a very timely reminder - dare I pray it?

  2. OH, how I'm SO GLAD your post came before mine! I love your poem and the prayer you included at the end.

    After I finished writing, I was kind of embarrassed mine has nothing to do with the spiritual; but I wrote about what came first, so....I guess I need to get over it.

    Happy to meet you and your blog :).

  3. I have a blank canvas
    And the story I write upon it
    is worth more than life to me.

    Wonderful poem...I remember a sister offering the "blank canvas" as a reflection during a retreat once. I often think of that and know that I am still a work in progress!!! Thank you! Cathy

  4. Let faith be my wings, hope my flight.....beautiful words that have really reached the needy places in my soul. Thank you!

  5. So so beautiful. Oh how I love these words. Visiting from Lisa Jo's.


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