Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Garden Girls

nola cooking in the garden

Nola just loves the garden. Often she will she head to the back door shoes on hands and knock until some kind soul offers her an escape into the great wide open that is our postage stamp sized back garden.


This is her new trick.

scootering sisters

She can even pick flowers at the same time.

nolly polly

She even has her very own flower picking basket.

nola playing hide and seek

"Now I know they won't find me here."

nola jo

"Fooled them."

nolly dolly

She is quite a determined daisy picker.

nola nad matilda in the garden

nola garden

nola cooking

Rose petal soup anyone?
I try to encourage her to use the dead heads but apparently they don't make as good soup as the full blooms.

nola cooking with florence

Florence is characteristically unimpressed.

nola cooking rose petal soup

   But Nola is not discouraged.

nola cooking 2


  1. What lovely photos. Suzy I was just thinking about you and your family's planned and long-in-the-saving-for holiday! I wish you all a splendid time, and I look forward to hearing about it.

    Still enjoying "From Allegro"!


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