Saturday, 9 June 2012

An Interview with Matilda

 I thought giving Matilda an interview would be fun.

 I got my inspiration, and a few of my questions from the very lovely "Carried Family" blog.
The photos are just to remind me that it is actually meant to be Summer still  here in rainy old England :)


What's your favourite colour?


What are your favourite things to do?
Love, cuddle, play. Playing with my sisters. Playing on my trampoline.


What is your favourite food?


Do you like being unschooled?

What do you like about it?
I like it  because I like staying with my mummy.


anything else?
I can't do maths? I love playing best.


What have you been learning about?
Owls mostly. And we made smoothies yesterday.


What's the worst thing about being homeschooled?
When Fina and me bicker.


Is there anything you would change about your life?


What do you do all day?

Make up stories, dress up in dresses.


What is your favourite toy?
Poppy my doll


What kind of books do you like to read?
About princesses and mermaids? Yes it can be about princesses and mermaids. They are my best.


What is one thing mama always says to you?
Do not bicker and I love you.

 winged energy of delight
Anything else I say all the time?

You say you are a very kind girl Matilda.


What is mama good at?  And what am I not very good at?
You are very good at teaching us schoolwork. You are not good at jumping on the trampoline.


What are *your* biggest talents?
Making and sticking, and painting. I paint a lot of cats at the moment. I can make paper flowers too!


What do you find hard to do?
Climbing up big trees. I am very good at climbing trees. Once I fell down off one and a lady came up to me and said "are you okay?" I wanted to cuddle her but I was a bit shy.


Is there anything you don't like learning about?
I do not like doing maths!


Is there anything you have to do that you don't like?
I do not like sausage sandwiches with tomato sauce in them.


What is the most wonderful thing about being Matilda?

because I love my name... giggles... and the zip slide. I can do it all by myself now.

 Some pictures of Matilda from then to now


 Tilly bear









  1. Oh how wonderful!!!! She's beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Cathy

  2. I had to laugh out loud when I saw that you were not good at jumping on the trampoline :o), what beautiful memories to treasure x.

  3. Oh gosh she is adorable! Aren't children so wise to themselves (and to us)?! :)

  4. oh this is amazing suzy! i love that you are not good at jumping on the trampoline {neither am i}. beautiful girl!

  5. That is absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful, clear soul. I like how the interview shows that she feels free to say exactly what she thinks. Such a gift you are giving her, raising her to have that confidence.

    P.S. Your book has arrived! But I haven't had a quiet moment to savour it yet.

  6. I am so honoured you got my book Christine!!!

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  8. this is beautiful! i will show my unschooled girls and maybe do the same with them!!!! what an amazing journey we are on!!! so happy i found you here! here's a peek at our homeschooling world:

  9. I love this. Every bit of it. She is a dear one, isn't she? I think this is a lovely idea to do with our little ones (grands) as they near their next birthdays ~ such a lovely memory maker! thank you for sharing :)

  10. Such a beautiful read. This is a treasure that you have created here. Your photos are gorgeous, full of the vibrancy of your subject.

    And my little boy says "my best" all of the time too :-)

  11. You don't know me but I get so artfully inspired by your blog. The words and pictures are ministering to my soul. Thank you. I love that you love your family and are so grounded. So many moms these days are pulled off kilter with technology. I am noticing myself often pulled that way and that still small voice calls me back when that happens. I sometimes wonder if I should pull the plug.

    I hope you are able to bind your posts into a heirloom for your children to see later.

    Now I am off to have a sweet conversation with Jesus that I know will refresh my purpose and sort out all the things buzzing around in my mind. Take care.


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