Thursday, 14 June 2012

For a Moment

For a moment I draw little one into my arms, heavy body sleeping like a warm bag of millet seed
nestled in the crook of my heart and the light falls so quietly,
without judgement
without past regrets
or future doubts
on her curled lashes
All I have is this to hold onto
And I wonder
which moment will be the most precious
which act the most important
which thing the most needful
at the end of it all?


  1. and i have a feeling it will be moments just like this one...smiles...

  2. I love how tenderly you unpack the moment,
    for all your questions you do not jostle or hinder the sacred being.
    very captivating. xo

  3. All I have is this to hold onto... ahh hold on to those precious moments, they are fleeting and before you know it your little one will be all grown up. Lovely writing, it took me right back to rocking my little ones, who are almost grown up :) visiting from imperfect prose.

  4. the whole poem is beautiful, but this line struck me: "which moment will be the most precious" - that is so true.

  5. I've wondered the same things as i watch my own sleep. Well said.

  6. This is SO beautiful! Happy to have found you!

  7. oh suzy. i wonder this all of the time. and i wondered it so deeply today holding onto all four boys and not knowing how to breathe for God being in my presence. (why then, isn't it easier? this mothering? why isn't there more strength at the end of the day? how i wish i could remember always, the miracle this all is.)

  8. Me too Emily :)
    Writing helps :)


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