Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pieces of Christmas...

"Have you ever noticed what a place of honour beauty holds in our memories - how it can generate a glowing inner happiness? I have a conviction that the experiences of beauty cultivated during our life are harvested eventually in old age as a rich and gladdening content to our memories."

~ Christine Fynes-Clinton "All Year Round ~ A Calender of Celebrations"


Maybe my favourite picture... it just captures the colour and wonder and joy...

Something about taking a long break away from routine opens the eyes, illuminates the perspective...makes you wonder why the pushing, pulling, wrangling through.

Why more?

A few simple things, food, family, music, people who care and the meaning that weaves it's golden thread through all it all turning it all into truth and lessons of love.

This is all that is needful.

tilly dreaming

The kindness of friends and family has "once again" filled our children's Christmas with the wonder of what it is to both give and receive...

And this year was the first year we could really "treat" the children with one or two gifts that I hope will give lasting a deep joy without harming the gift that is our mother earth and may be passed down from one hand to another in time to come.

dear sissy


Florence bringing her quiet aura to calm the waters just when necessary.


Creating the days after....

lantern fishingchristmas pianothree kings

The wonder and the sacredness infused in small gestures, prayers, moments, candles lit.

Like the poet Robert Bly said a child's soul already knows all this stuff.

These soulful truths are nestled like a babe in the manger of the heart.

Only waiting to be stirred and gentle woken.

Birthed into the world.

peggy and johns nativity set

ostheimer play

Our first Ostheimer figurines.
One for each girl.

..And the star girl for Boo our winter baby born on the feast of Stephen 8 years ago.

ostheimer imaginative play

My sensitive, quiet yet playful, funny, fiercely intelligent, loving, loyal, dark eyed baby bear cub Boo!


We call you Bujana Baa Lamb so Emmy made you this little lamb which you have carried everywhere with you ever since you unwrapped it!

And there it is, memories, in fragments of colour, swirled together.

White silks taking the watermarks and impressions of the days...


  1. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and calming to read xx

  2. Lovely, Suzy, as always. Your girls are so blessed to have you as their mother. xo

  3. What beautiful photos. Suzy to my eyes your blog is not at all about Things - it's about the reality underneath, the happiness and love and beauty that is the most important. Thanks for sharing!

  4. such a beautiful christmas. thanks for sharing it suzy. love to your family.

  5. I have missed your lovely posts so very much, this one was beautiful as usual. Your Christmas looks perfectly perfect. Joy is evident on little faces everywhere. :)

  6. loved this, suzy. thanks for sharing a piece of your joy and love this season with us!

  7. Suzy, what comes through to me when I read your posts is beauty, family and love! I love visiting here and am looking forward to many more visits in 2012! Happy New Year!


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