Saturday, 16 July 2011

Growing Love

"There where love is lacking, put love and you will reap love."


yet ever trying
to plant love
in threadbare places.



  1. Well I utterly love this, Suzy.

    When we really face our children as they are (and anyone else for that matter) with the intention to love selflessly, we ultimately will love well and will face ourselves with loving kindness too.

    I've found it increasingly sad how people so quickly amputate friends from their lives and over the most foolish things. Fair-weather friends take offense easily because people do not conform to expectations and this opens the door to so much dis-ease in relationships.

    Your children, family, and friends are blessed to have you in their lives and to receive the unique beauty that is yours. I know I am!

  2. I can really relate to what you say in this post! My older child has attachment difficulties due to abuse he suffered before we adopted him. Being his mother has forced me to confront what it means to love another person unconditionally - and at the same time, it's pushed me to love and forgive myself. You've absolutely touched on a very true aspect of parenting. I personally feel very grateful that I have faith in something larger than me and all of us, that's helped me along the way.

  3. Oh Laure I'm so pleased to have you as a friend too :)
    Thank your Christinelaenec. I find my faith helps tremedously when it comes to seeing the bigger picture too :)

  4. Ahhh, it would seem that little, adorable, fiery Seraphina has come to help you along on your journey, perhaps as one of your greatest teachers. Sometimes they come in teeny, tiny packages. ;) This kind of loving is what makes you the best kind of parent. The kind that allows you to bend, and rethink and reform all that you thought you knew. A wonderful and refreshing post, and I adore the photos, what a cutie!!! :)

  5. Oh thankyou! My boy is my prickly one - always has been. I've been reading "Unconditional Parenting" and it resonates with me. And your post does beautifully too!

  6. Your daughter is adorable, and I love your description of her. You are both very blessed to have each other!

  7. Oh I needed this post today. I've got one of them, spirited, fiery, independent, hard to wrap your arms around girls. She came that way, and some days I'm able to recognize the honor but there are certainly days I throw my hands to the sky and ask why she has to torture me so. But maybe the torturing really is just teaching as you suggested above. I'll think about that the next time my arms are thrown up to the sky. I don't think they write books for the likes of these brilliant spirits, whatever help they (or us) need can only come from within.

  8. From humility, my humility I have to let go.

    oh suzy. how did you know? i've been so full of pride lately. and this post, it speaks to me of my husband versus my son... how hard i've been finding it to have grace this last while. please pray for me sister. your words, they minister more than you'll ever know. (and, on a side note, did you design your blog? have you ever designed anyone else's? i love your set-up here, and would maybe be interested in you redesigning mine; can you email me and let me know your thoughts? xo...)

  9. So beautiful, this, and your blog! You know your child, know her well. And so true, that the hardest time to love is when unlovable (ourselves or others!) :)

    "Imperfect, but trying, ever trying to put love in threadbare places"... I'm with you, friend.

  10. oh, how i loved this entire post! and how i could relate! "ever trying to put love in threadbare places." YES! thank you for putting your thoughts into words this week--they truly ministered to me.

  11. wow this kid is a character...what a blessing

    God Bless


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