Monday, 20 June 2011

"The Sun Egg" on a Sunny Day...


It was such a beautiful morning, we took school outdoors and read Elsa Beskow's "The Sun Egg"
This is a beautiful little story about an elf who finds what she imagines is an egg that the sun has laid in the middle of the pinewoods.


Here Fina is telling me that she is the elf looking up at the sun to see if it will lay another egg ;)


Ho hum maybe tommorrow then...


While Nola snuggled safe in her wrap squinting her eyes at the dappled sunlight from the Sycamore tree as it danced about the lawn, the girls and I got out the watercolurs and some huge sheets of paper. I painted standing up, my paper laid out on the table. The moby wrap is the most comfortable way I have worn a baby yet I think. She just melts into me when she is inside it.


We all painted the story, or a part of the story from our own perspectives.
Whenever we do something creative I am always amazed at how each of the children's characters comes through their work.


Matilda is interested in the overall "feel" of the story. She is such a dreamy, watercolouring, waldorf girl :)
She loves to explore colour and many of her pictures often naturally end up with the "waldorf rainbow" of colours running and merging into one another.


Here is our "wild summer" fairy garden. What a lot of places for the fairies to hide here :)
Boo found a moth inside the fairy house yesterday, she called her honey blossom and she wanted to bring her inside to keep forever. I talked with her at some length about this, explaining, as kindly as I could that "honey blossom" would most likely die if she was taken from her natural habitat in to a strange environment that she didn't recognise. Finally she seemed to understand that if you really love someone you sometimes have to let them go. And that helping them to be happy is ultimatly what will make you happy.


Seraphina painted the sun the sun egg, the elf and the clouds which were hiding the sun. I love how the elf and the sun egg are almost one being.


Boo's picture was much more narritive rich of course as she is older. I just love her owl drawing :)

While the little ones stayed outside to play Boo wrote a postcard from Elf after her migration to the sunny country to her friends in the snowy pinewood.


Dear happy frog, Larch and Crooked Root. I have had a lovley time in the Sunny Country where the oringis are sweet and the lemons are sour.
I miss you so much and I hope you were here. It is sunny and hot here and I can drink froot joose whenever I want! I can sunbathe on the branchis and I can bouns on the leaves and the butterflies are my frinds.
love from elf...

spellings all her own :)


  1. Sounds like a most lovely day of growing. :) Seeing everyone working so hard on their paintings is very adorable, and I adore the little note. I used to have such fun reading notes and stories my girls wrote, still do actually! That fairy garden is right up my alley, I'd be checking it out everyday just waiting to glimpse some fairy wings...

  2. What incredible photos! I almost wish I had been there for the fun. I'm going to have to see if I can get my hands on that book. Thanks!

  3. Oh my what a grand day you had! Well done! Cathy

  4. That book is still a favorite around here for our 9 and 10 year olds. Such a great story.


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