Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New shoes for Poppy Doll

Joining Ginny over @ Small Things today for another lovely Yarn Along....


Emmy finished crocheting the second baby bootee.


Matilda has been asking me to make some shoes for her doll Poppy for ages.
 So this weekend we found a quiet spot and got to work.
Matilda loves needle craft, in fact in comprises a good deal of her "homeschool" and I am more than happy about that.
She really enjoyed watching me work, chatting away, playing with the button's in the button box, cutting thread and picking up of how to make a pair of dolly shoes along the way.


Matilda is also quite the expert finger knitter!
We have miles and miles of multicolored finger-knitting in this house to testify to that.


So while I was busy sewing up Poppy a new pair of shoes, Matilda got to work finger knitting some laces to tie them with.


Poppy waited very patiently for her new shoes.



  1. I love the rustic yarn you used too. The shoes for Poppy are great, you are one talented Momma.

  2. Wow needle craft was one of my passion too as a kid. You both are highly talented ! Great work!
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    Find out if your child is an aspiring artist or a mini scientist.

  3. Love the teaching the kids to craft! Get 'em while they're young and they'll never be bored! (And they may just get a passion for it ... and make a career from using their hands & their hearts!).

    The booties are too cute.

  4. Your daughter looks like she absolutely adores her Poppy, so sweet. My son might actually like finger knitting! He was so frustrated with regular knitting that this might be a good answer for him :). The booties are adorable as are the crocheted ones your older daughter is doing!!

  5. What a busy crafting week you have all had. We have miles and miles of finger knitting here at our house too. So very useful. I use it for wrapping around gifts as decoration amongst other things. The booties are sweet, both for baby and Poppy. Poppy is a very cute doll. I have just finished my first Steiner/Waldorf doll. She will feature in my next blog post. Jacinta

  6. Those shoes! Can I assume that you made the dolly too? So sweet.
    We have a finger knitter here too. She'll pick up the needles from time to time, but right now she's all about the chain.

  7. I love that yarn for the bootees too! And those doll shoes are just darling. xoxo

  8. The bootie is adorable. How fun to have a sister-made baby bootie. :) I love the doll shoes. The finger knitting reminds me of my daughter when she learned to crochet. We had miles of chain stitches, and everyone had a rainbow necklace. So much fun!

  9. The shoes are wonderful! I have to check out the book! It looks fun!

  10. lovely doll, daughter and project!

  11. Those little shoes are perfect! And that picture of your daughter with her Poppy is precious!

  12. I just love Emmys crochet bootees, they are beautiful. My 10 year old loves to finger knit using four fingers - she made a scarf for her 14 year old cousins birthday! Well done Matilda on the laces.

  13. Gosh, your little girl is beautiful! I'm so glad I found your niche in the world to have an insight into. Your photography is magnificent. I feel very inspired. Thanks so much, from my heart, Katie x

  14. Thank you Katie so much, what sweet, kind words.
    Lovely to "meet" you here :)


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