Saturday, 30 April 2011

Poem for a daughter...

I love this poem by Anne Stevenson... 

Oh truly. How a child delivers a Mother!

Poem for a Daughter

'I think I'm going to have it,'
I said, joking between pains.
The midwife rolled competent
sleeves over corpulent milky arms.
'Dear, you never have it,
we deliver it.'
A judgement the years proved true.
Certainly I've never had you
as you still have me, Caroline.
Why does a mother need a daughter?
Heart's needle, hostage to fortune,
freedom's end. Yet nothing's more perfect
than that bleating, razor-shaped cry
that delivers a mother to her baby.
The bloodcord snaps that held
their sphere together. The child,
tiny and alone, creates the mother.
A woman's life is her own
until it is taken away
by a first, particular cry.
Then she is not alone
but a part of the premises
of everything there is:
a time, a tribe, a war.
When we belong to the world
we become what we are.


This portion of Psalm 18 comes to mind often at the moment...  
"Thou hast enlarged my steps under me; and my feet are not weakened. "

This is a time of manna living and it is precious.
The portion provided for the day is all that is needful.

I was thinking today, of Psalm 23 as I held little Nola in my arms.
She slept so soundly and the sunlight echoed shyly through the sycamore leaves.
 And I saw how God leads me to the quiet places and the gentle streams.
If only I stop to notice more often.



  1. Oh what a darling little girl! Precious as all your others! May Go bless you all abundantly! You already have five treasures. Much love!! Cathy

  2. SO much to learn – and you are learning still. And the way your family is helping – hope that continues. That baby is your little lamb – they all are. No? God Bless and keep you and all of yours. I really hearted this post Suzy. Thank you.

  3. Sweetest Mama, Sweetest , and Sweetest Nola, and Sweetest Four.

    Greatest blessings and Love to all seven of you, and may your babymoon be cloud-soft and suspended in still and perfect.

  4. Well- that's what happens (see that comment above) when one is interrupted twice while trying to leave a short, loving note. :)
    ah well.

    And let me just say, that quite unbelievably, my codeword (for verification) is "excouses".
    :D Ha.

  5. lol Stephanie :)
    I'm writing one handed these days so I'm full of them " excouses" that is :D
    Thank you for your kind, sweet words, they mean so very much.

  6. What absolutely gorgeous photographs of your daughters together. There's a sublime peacefulness in young children (sometimes) that we can learn so much from, if we can stop to pay attention. I wish you many more of these moments in the days and weeks to come!

  7. The photos are wonderful Suzy. The poem is a great one.

  8. I am smiling so very big here.

    Your joy and discoveries are contagious, Suzy. Your sharing always beautifies the atmosphere.

    I send so much love to you all ...


  9. You and your gorgeous. in every way.

    LOVE you.


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