Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Yarn Along....

Joining Ginny at "Small Things" for "Yarn Along" this week!


Emmy has finished her beanie hat for the baby.
Yes although it's turquoise ( a rather ambiguous colour) the flower probably gives away that this baby is yet another little girlie. \0/


Apparently we only make one flavour of baby:) ... and it's decidedly pink!

Good thing we are quite fond of pink in this house:)

As for reading, to compliment our girlie mood, we have been revisiting the ever wonderful Kate Greenaway.

This sweet vintage copy of Marigold Garden seems to have been around forever. I'm not sure where we bought it or whether or not it was passed along to us, regardless, we treasure it for its gentle poetry and whimsical illustrations.


Why not pop on over to Ginny's place for more Yarn loveliness.


  1. The flower just makes the sweet.
    Congrats on another exciting.

  2. Congratulations!! Pink is a beautiful color and daughters are, well, so very sweet to say the least. I would have loved to have a sister and I had thought of that for my daughter too. But I think 2 is all that's in the cards for us. By the way, your daughter's website is gorgeous. She is so talented, as you already know :).

  3. Hi Suzy, congrats on another girl! And I just love Emmy's beanie. =) So talented! We also have a vintage copy of Marigold Garden! Isn't it lovely?

    Well, I just wanted to stop by and thank your for leaving a comment on my Sweet Dreams and Starlight post (it meant a lot to me). I find that I'm quite comfortable posting humorous our silly things (like yesterday's title) or informative posts, but it's really hard for me to make myself vulnerable and share my heart. I'm working my way out of my fears, with God's help, and it's been lovely meeting people like you. Thank you...

  4. How talented you are, Emmy! You had a wonderful teacher. Beautiful pictures as always, Suzy! Have a wonderful day! Cathy

  5. Beautiful pictures and congratulations on a girlie {that's what my 2yo calls them too!}

  6. i like your baby flavourings very much, because i get to be a little girl again and dream about girl things when i visit here. boys are pretty much only boogers and farts. really.

  7. The book drew me nearly to tears with the amazing drawings. Thank you for your post. The hat is lovely too!

  8. Congratulations! Sweet little hat for your little girl on the way.
    That book looks absolutely captivating - those illustrations are gorgeous.

  9. Girls are so wonderful. Congratulations on another one on the way!

  10. Lovely hat for a beautiful girl :)

  11. What an adorable lil hat! Love it and congratulations.....girls sure are sweet! : )

  12. Congrats on the little girlie! Coming from a family of all girls, boys are still an odd mystery to me!


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