Monday, 7 March 2011

Emmy turns 13

Thankful for... the growing, evolving, becoming of this young lady.

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Thirteen candles!

Inside the card e.e cummings poem " I Carry Your Heart"

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  1. Happy Birthday to Emmy. What a wonderful tribute to your daughter Suzy.

  2. What a beautiful tribute, I particularly love the idea of noting down the changes you are noticing in your new teen, Happy Birthday to Emmy x x x x

  3. I can still comment on Multitude Monday lists on Saturday right? :)

    It is a good thing that you understand the distance/closeness that she needs at her age. It takes a good mom to know this. And today this was my fave from your list: ~ Yet something tells me a Mother's work will never be done. (because you are right – you are never too old to not have your mom – never) {smile}

    I was blessed by this today. Thank you.

    May God watch over and guide you and all of yours.


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