Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The making of Our Fairy Garden!

Here was our fairy garden in Spring when we first made it out of an old disused sand box.

The girls each chose their own plants to put into the garden.

We used our rabbits rich manure compost to fill the sand pit and the plants have really thrived on it.

The girls helped me dig out spaces where they wanted their flowers to go and then carefully planted them in.

Matilda chose the mini tree (for the fairies to climb, gather firewood and take shelter under)

Bujana chose the pretty pink powder puff flowers, (because her fairies just love anything pink

Seraphina chose some lovely purple heather (To remind them of the wild)

Emmy chose some beautiful miniature daffodils, (mainly because she is a march 1st baby) But also because their trumpets make excellent fairy dresses!

After planting came the really fun part.... Choosing treasures for the fairies to find in their lovely new garden!
Oh the joy...Of running around in search of treasure.
  • We put in fir cones and sprinkled little sparkling green sea glass jewels.
  • We made a garden path out of pebbles.
  • We scattered a few copper coins in amongst the undergrowth for lucky little fairy people to find. (Fairies just love treasure)
  • Emmy found some pretty shining shells at the beach which she filled with water to make fairy paddling pools.
  • A couple of lanterns and some candles look so pretty and magical lit up along the sides of the garden on an early summer evening.
  • Bujana found a little font to make a fairy bird bath.
  • Then came the little butterflies for the fairies to ride around the garden on.
  • And rainbow windmills which have the magic to create real rainbows according to one little girl I know :)
  • We collected fir cones from our woodland travels to make little homes for our fairy people
  • but best of all was this addition.... Our mini celtic wattle and daub roundhouse.

What fairy wouldn't love to live in this snug little abode?

By mid summer the wild flowers we had planted as seeds and which the fairies had obviously tended to with great care had grown bigger than we ever could have imagined!

The giants have now been replaced with, among others, a constant budding of small but beautifully formed red poppies and cornflowers.

These pretty wild flowers attract all the lovely bugs, bees and butterflies that this little girl is so interested in.... Yes, our fairy garden is now a wildlife garden too!

Emmy planted some wild strawberries along the far edge of the garden over Spring.
"So the fairies could find their own food in Summer." They are the smallest strawberries you've ever seen, truly "fairy strawberries" but you've never tasted anything more fragrant and sweet in your life!
Thank you fairies....Yes the fairy garden has been an abundance of growth, learning, joy, imagination, magic and wonder.....Sweet treats and all :)
And look who I found the other day! A real life flower fairy! Right from under the tumble of leaves and flowers in our magical garden!
Whatever next?
I can't wait to follow this magical little spot through the seasons and the years to find out!

Here is a post about our Fairy Garden 2011


  1. you inspire, friend! I would love to do a project like this with my girls!!!

  2. How fun...my kids would LOVE this! btw...I am in love with your header...great job Mama!

  3. wow, how beautiful! what a perfect place for playing in the garden. The girls reasons for choosing their plants are gorgeous:)

  4. This is so lovely. I can't wait to do this with my daughter...

  5. absolutely precious and magical!

  6. what treasured time spent with your little ones ...

  7. Oh what wonderful sweet memories this brings back. I grew up in a family of all girls and we were forever doing things like this - except we live in a desert where it is difficult to grow and maintain a garden such as this... We are getting ready to head up to the mountains next week and I'm looking forward to letting my boys run wild in the great outdoors ALL DAY LONG and interact with their natural environment!

  8. That's really lovely!

    I have boys who are more into robots with plasma cannon...


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