Monday, 3 May 2010

Multitude Monday

This is "Dobbin"

Dobbin is 28 years old. He was mine when I was little.

He has a little bell but it's rusty. And sometimes his wheel get stuck (they're a little squeaky too)

Last week, Seraphina and I rescued him. He was dirty, rusty, sad looking and his wheels had stopped turning. They had seized up altogether.
But Seraphina, did not see the dirt, or the rust, she saw a little yellow horse with big sad eyes, and she loved him!
Together we cleaned him up gently with sponges, soap and warm water. Then we dried him with a dishcloth.
He is now Seraphina's very best friend and follows her around wherever she goes!
And strangely enough you can almost see a twinkle in his big old eyes now!

We tied an new string on his collar and fed him some grass and a bowl of water. It had been a long time since his last meal. So as you can imagine, he gobbled it up!

Little Fee showed him around the garden and he seemed very happy with his new home.
Poppy, Peter and cottontail (our rabbits) all got introduced and they all seemed very interested to meet this new garden friend.

And I sit here in the quiet to thank God for memories and friends both new and old.
And the strings that tie them together.

We brought Mary Flowers from Grannies garden for the month of May (the special month of Mary)

In Gold white and blue we laid our prayers, fresh, fragrant, open, vulnerable, unfolding, revealing the words of our heart, the nectar of souls.

Matilda prayed these words, words so simple, like pollen rising, hovering.
"and unto these does the kingdom of heaven belong".

"Thank you Mary for praying for us. Thank you for loving us and being our Mother."

Do you have a home alter?
 It has been a beautiful addition to our home. Ours is small and simple but the girls love to decorate it with candles, palms and prayer stones, they love to bring flowers for  Holy Family.
Inside the cupboard we have prayer books and rosary beads and Bible stories for them to look at whenever the want.


  1. You have such a beautiful shrine to Mary and the flowers are gorgeous. Hoping Matilda's finger heals well. Have a grand day! Cathy

  2. Thank you Cathy!


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