Friday, 16 April 2010

Tiger Tilly... and some on the rest of the bunch....

Tiger Tilly!

The three littlest girls love to dress up and play pretend. They are always pretending to be animals, wolves, leopards, dogs, or making up plays, songs or dances in different characters.

Since her birthday Matilda has been really having a lot of fun with the face paints. She is such a little actress and loves to use her imagination. The stories the girls make up can go on and on for days, it's beautiful to have a peek into their world as I watch them bring their ideas to life.

Yesterday Emmy Bujana and Matilda made a fantastic fairy castle in their double bunk bed. It took up most of the room with different "realms" I was amazed at the detail the girls had put into their design and the magical feeling that was created by a few bit's and pieces they had found around the house to embellish their "fairies world".

Today the three older girls spent a good part of the afternoon trying to design a marble maze. They were so focused and full of excited ideas about how to use different forces to manipulate the speed and direction of the marbles journey along the hallway! I think they were quite inspired by this video which they watched the other day on you tube.

I just love the absorption children have in their tasks, they absolutely become a part of the ideas and worlds that spring from their imaginations. Us grown ups could take quite a few lessons from them I'm sure :)

Breakfast favourites this morning, served warm with great big mugs of milky teas mmmmm!

Fina enjoying helping make dinner.

Snuggle bugs...

Fina's new favourite thing to do... Sit in front of the bookcase in the girls room and pull out book after book after book... She knows the stories off by heart so is often found contentedly "reading aloud" to herself... So sweet.
I made the little knitted bolero in this picture a couple of weeks ago. It's the first time I've tried a cardigan pattern in years and I was surprised at how quick and easy it was to knit up!
It should be just the thing to keep little arms from feeling the chill during these crisp spring days.