Friday, 16 April 2010

Then Boo wanted her hair curled....

So then Boo, wanted her hair curled...

So that is just what we did! What a cutie! When she was little she always had the most delicate ringlets she like a china doll. She hated having her hair brushed though and to save her the trauma I cut her hair into a sweet bob. It was fun to see her ringlets back for a day:)

Here's my green fingered garden girl on her own little patch. I knitted the bolero with the same pattern as I used for Fina and I've just started on one for Boo. The bolero seems to knit up so much more quickly than a conventional cardigan and it is just perfect for sunny yet crisp spring days!
Emmy made the dress Tilly is wearing for her birthday originally, though it is a 14 piece panelled dress which is a real step up from anything Emmy has attempted on her own before so it took a little longer than expected and ended up as an Easter present instead. It was worth the wait!
Emmy chose the pretty fabric from a charity shop (it was a bed cover) and has plenty left over to make a matching dress for Seraphina. Matilda is just over the moon that it's pink!

Boo's little knitted ladybug... Boo loves to knit and this pattern was a lovely simple design that didn't take to long to knit up. Her first real piece of knitting!!!

And then we made a sun dress for "Flower" cause a dolly needs a new dress for Summer too you know :)