Thursday, 22 April 2010

Make paper beads

We had lot's of fun making these bright, colourful paper beads yesterday!

We found this lovely little craft in a wonderful book entitled "Jazzy Jewellery Eco Crafts"
We have grown to totally love this set of books! The crafts encourage children to recycle materials they already have in the house, which makes the crafts frugal friendly as well as "eco" friendly! It also means you will probably already have most of the materials available in your home without having to make a pit stop to the craft shop first.

To make the beads you will need: Some old magazines or posters, some PVA glue and a brush, a pencil, a ruler, some scissors and a knitting needle.

Each triangle should ideally be measured 16 cm long and 2 cm wide before being cut out.
Boo was learning maths at this point without even realising it!

Then simply glue 3/4 of the way from the tip of the triangle, leaving 1/4 unglued so that it doesn't stick to the knitting needle!

Carefully wind the triangle from it's base around the knitting needle.

String on some cord or string or yarn and wear with a smile in the spring sunshine :)
A very "Springy" craft I think!


  1. What a fun craft! Did you use a paper cutter to cut the paper of did they just used scissors? Great rainy day project! Thanks. Cathy

  2. We used ordinary scissors. We drew the triangles out first so the children had a line to follow. Boo needed a little extra help:)
    I would love to get a craft knife sometime though there are so many projects where it would come in handy and be easier to use than scissors.


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