Thursday, 22 April 2010

Interview with a homeschool graduate!

Peter's Spring Break Interview or An Unschooled Graduate Looks Back on Life....

"Was my education balanced? Of course not! I know a lot about philosophy, psychology, the conceptual (as opposed to mathematical) parts of science, Christianity (especially post-Reformation), theatre, filmmaking, and several other things. I know almost nothing about woodworking, sign language, music composition, Shintoism, higher mathematics, horseback riding, or any number of other things. This is simply a part of being a finite human being, one incapable of knowing everything.

The difference is that the list was generated by my own interests, rather than the graduation requirements of my school. Which means that all of those things are relevant in some way to my life! Instead of learning about things I would promptly forget after I graduated, I've spent time learning about things that I care about and plan on pursuing further later in life."

For more of this interesting interview from the perspective of a homeschool graduate visit
yarns of the heart

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