Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Down by the River

The day was sunny and warm, we grabbed a simple picnic and headed down to the river.

We saw a grass snake swimming in the water, lots of squirrels darting about the trees and as we were close to a rabbit warren there were plenty of young rabbits playing hide and seek too.

Later on a mama duck and her babies paddled along, probably drawn by the scent of our sandwiches so we through a few crumbs her way and she obliged us with a few quick photos.

Bujana tried to catch fish with her very own handmade fishing rod.

She put little bits of bread and sweetcorn on the end of it and waited and waited.

Sadly the fish were too canny for Boo and waited patiently for the little tidbits to fall away into the water (which they invariably did)

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