Sunday, 13 December 2009

Some advent activities and a Victorian dress and bonnet.

Emmy has been busy sewing a Victorian over-dress and bonnet for Boo.

I think a little knitted shawl would be perfect to finish it off don't you?

And a curtsy!
Boo doing her very best "poor workhouse girl" impression! Shhhh! If you look close you'll see the hemline isn't cut and sewn up yet. But Boo couldn't wait to try it on and I said you wouldn't let on ;)
Besides, it adds to that authentic workhouse charm dosen't it!

Here's the free bonnet pattern we used. The dress was a made with a simple peasant blouse bodice stiched onto a gathered skirt.

Here we have some Star flower decorations to adorn the golden nights of advent.

Recipe for these inventive, inexpensive and easy enough for even littles to help with and big kids to have fun with this clever creative blogger will show you how to do it!

Jesse tree of life adorned in winter sunlight...

An Advent dawn...

Emmy's Aboriginal painting. Each symbol is representative of an aspect of nature and an integral part of the whole design. Each aboriginal painting is not just a work of art but a spiritual and physical story.

Emmy concluded her study of tribal life with an in depth study on aboriginal life and her own dream time painting.

If you haven't seen this film yet I highly recommend it. Not for young children though.

For more advent fun with your little ones here is A Lovely online nativity colouring book for littles...
And some more advent activities at Little Blots.

Rejoice!! Happy Gaudete Sunday!