A Soulful Life was created to record our homeschooling life and our journey toward cultivating a simple, meaningful, abundant life.

A little about the author:
  • I hum when I'm embarrassed. I'm doing a bit of both right now :)
  • After contemplating this list for some time, I realise that I am not actually very interesting after all :)
  • I like old, broken things that have a story.
  • I often dream of being Amish, bonnet, buggie and all!
  • When I was little I wanted to be four things when I grew up, a nurse, a ballerina, an artist and a nun, ha!
  • I love to knit, read and drink tea on rainy days.
  • I am a super messy (eat with my fingers) eater. I have to be careful what I order in restaurants :)
  • I can't stand feeling like I've hurt someone, it gives me a deep ache.
  • I know nothing about motherhood even though I have five children. I  follow my heart and try my best with what I've got and hope it will be enough. Often I'm sure it's not. 
  • My children are my dear friends and my great teachers.
  • Although, in principle,  I love the romance of the gypsy life, I've come to accept that I'm actually a homebody. I like to put down deep roots and feel a connection to the place in which I live.
  • I find God in sunlight, sky, earth and birdsong more than books or buildings.
  • love to simply sit, preferably, in a sunny spot and just let my imagination wander far, wide and free.
  • If I'm listening to music I don't like to talk. I just like to listen.
  • I think that we are all here for a purpose. 
  • I think the lesson of my life is to learn how to love properly. With my life I get lots of opportunity.
  • I need to see trees outside my window.
  • I am a rebel at heart and can't help scribbling in the margins and colouring over the lines.
  • I can't sing but I love to sing anyway
  • When I grow up I want to be the crazy lady who lives in a log cabin in the woods, keeps nine cats and makes pots.
  • I am a dreamer :)
  • Crowds, bright lights, loud noises and driving on the motorway give me nervous ticks.
  • I don't like judgmental attitudes or gossiping.  
  • I believe, everyone deserves to be loved and accepted for who they are.
  • I can be way too serious when I should lighten up and way to silly and irreverent when I should just sit still and take note.
  • My favourite flowers are daffodils.
  • I love empire line Regency or ankle length Medieval dresses and would happily wear them everyday. 
  •  In all my life, I have never, and probably will never iron anything.

Sailing by Starlight
Blossom makes me happy


  1. Oh my...we are very much alike! I came by your blog to see it and stayed for quite awhile! It is everything I love! So beautiful. I must shout out a great huzzah to your last statement about ironing.....and I would gladly live in Medieval dresses if I could. And carry daffodils too.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one (concerning ironing) Non ironers unite! :) xx

  2. This list... it resonates with me. Especially this: "I find God in sunlight, sky, earth and birdsong more than books or buildings." This has been such a journey for me, to allow myself to see God here and stop forcing myself to see God where I've been told I "should." It makes me want to know more of your story. And also? Crowds, loud noises, driving on speedways (highways for us, I think), these all do me in. I look forward to knowing you more through this space.

    1. Lovely to meet you Amber :) I'm so glad you found my quiet spot on the inter-webs! I have been on that journey too. I now allow myself to find God in the places my heart find Him rather than the places I'm supposed too find Him. I'm glad I'm not the only one "done in" by crowds, traffic and the rest :)

  3. "I know nothing about motherhood even though I have five children :) I only follow my heart and try my best with what I've got and hope it will be enough. Often I'm sure it's not. " This quote so resonated with me. I totally understand. I have children 26Y, 16Y, and 4Y old. I also have custody of my grandchildren ages 7Y and 8Y. Have had them for six years. Thank you for your beautiful words.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Merry :) That part of my "about page" is maybe the part I feel most vulnerable about, but I wanted to put it out there because it's my truth. Being a Mama has been so beautiful and healing but also hard and overwhelming. Being a Mama is a constant work in progress much as any other aspect of my life I suppose. Maybe the summery of my about page should be "I'm a work in Progress." :) Wishing you all the best. xx

  4. Thank you for sharing these parts of you with us. I can relate to so many of them. I have three sons and one daughter and I wonder if I'm mothering them the way I should. I feed and water them (haha) and love them unconditionally and they're all blossoming into beautiful people so I guess I'm doing something right. : ) So glad I found your blog and your beautiful photography.

    Namaste ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting Wendy. Welcome to my online space, so pleased to connect :) Namaste x

  5. Such an inspirational blog! Thank you Suzy!


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