Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Notes to a tired Mama

  • However perfect someones life looks there will be struggle, there will be conflict, there will also be moments of transcendent joy and these will be the most photographed and shared on Instagram but they are only part of the story.
  • Life is full of seasons, "This too shall pass."
  • Rest. Do what you need to do to restore your soul.
  • Ask for help, take it. Allow someone the joy of giving. One day you can pay it forward to another tired Mama.
  • Don't make ideals your idols. You won't always live up to your ideals or realise the goals you set for yourself. This is what makes you beautiful and human. Being imperfect is a blessing that stops you turning into a know it all and who wants to be that?
  • Cut down on extra curricula activities, simplify, get rid of stuff you don't or won't ever use, books, clothes. Minimize. Clarify.
  • Every family, situation and child is different. Do what works best for yours not someone elses.
  • Give yourself the same grace that you would want your own child to give themselves.
  • Do what you need to do to be strong and healthy in mind, body and soul.
  • You are beautiful. You are enough. 



  1. Hi, I'm glad I have found your blog and post which is a lovely reminder of how we can forget the simple things and pleasures in life. It is good to have a check list sometimes. Thank you for sharing a thoughtful post and beautiful nature photos. I will add you to my blog list. Best wishes Jo.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Jo. Welcome to the blog :)

  2. I do so enjoy visiting you! Have a grand weekend!

    1. Hi Cathy, Thank you, I'm so glad :) Have a wonderful weekend.

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  4. Beautiful words. Xxx so wise and true

    A Meadow Fairytale

  5. Even the Lord tells us to rest on the Sabbath.


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