Friday, 10 June 2016

{Soulfood Friday}

Life has been so very busy of late friends. It has been hard for me to participate with Soulfood Friday and blogging generally in the way that I want to. I can only apologize for not being very present online at the moment. I'm hoping Summer will loosen up the knots in all our routines and there will be more time and space for reading, visiting and writing too.

There are seasons of life that seem to leave such little time for deep reflection and yet their fullness is itself a kind of meditation. During these busy times, brief moments of quiet seem all the more sacred and shimmering. I watch for them without grasping for them and then when they happen they are free from the binds of expectation. I have learned it is better this way.

Sweet Emmy and her beautiful Rowan Jo have moved back home with us and we are savouring these precious days of babyhood together. He smiles and gurgles so easily. Today I read him Tabby Mctat and Hairy Maclary and he cooed, squirmed and smiled in all the right places. Emmy has just finished the last of her first year A level exams and is planning to spend the Summer learning to drive and hopefully acquiring her license. She missed a lot of classes since March and has been doing a lot of catch up and revision from home. It's not been easy but she has worked really hard to balance everything. She rearranged her room last week and although it's small it is a beautiful, peaceful space for her and her little one full of all her favourite things, candles, books, artworks and little gifts and trinkets from friends plus, of course, all Rowans softies and toys. I am so proud of her.

A couple of weeks ago we adopted two little Ratties, more of which I hope to write about in due time. They actually make very fun and friendly pets. We have two little boys. One rex with curly whiskers that makes him look a little like he's just been electrocuted and one smooth coated. Their names are Figaro Albert Scruff (Fig) for short and Tiptoe Long-stocking (Tippy) for short. There has been more than one occasion when I have been talking to Boo and noticed  a twitchy little pair of whiskers poking out of her hair. They love to hitch a ride on the girls' shoulders.

Oh and I am writing a book. Perhaps two books even. Progress has been slow but so long as I write a little everyday, even if it's only half a paragraph I feel accomplished. I think the body gets used to a writing schedule the way it gets used to and eating and sleeping schedule. I find that if I write a little at the same time everyday, my brain seems to  get into writing mode at that time too, the ideas certainly seem to surface more readily and words seem to flow more freely this way. I have noticed that if I skip a few days I get blockages and find it harder to find inspiration. I think as with all creative endeavors, practice is key to unlocking the Muses door.

Wishing you all a great weekend friends! We are planning a picnic on the green tomorrow. Please cross your fingers it doesn't rain like it did today!


 Every Friday I'll be pausing to notice something from the week that has nourished my soul. 

A special, sacred-everyday moment captured on camera, or perhaps a snippet from a book, a recipe still warm from the kitchen or something whimsical that simply made me smile.
Here are a few simple things that have fed my soul this week. 

What has inspired/fed/nourished your soul this week friends? 
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  1. congratulations to your emmy on her strength and determination. and its very exciting to think of you writing a book :-)

  2. It's lovely you're writing a book. You have such a beautiful way of writing about the world around you. It's lovely that your family are all home together with the little one - and fig and tippy too. Xx

    You write with such love and warmth to your words.

    Bestest wishes.

    Keep Calm and start writing ...

  3. I adore your kind of writing and watching your life thru the lens...
    All the best for you and your family!


  4. I haven't been blogging quite as much as I used to...but I am coming back around to some wear around normal...or at least as close to normal as I get. My daughter is expecting my first grandchild in October and we are so excited. How wonderful to have a baby in the house.

  5. Oh goodness hearing your talk about how Emmy has embraced motherhood and is working hard to find balance in it all is just wonderful. So very happy for her.

    And you, writing a book! How exciting. All the best on this project.

  6. I feel you on keeping up with blogging like you want. I'm in the same boat, barely able to keep up with posting once a week lately! Congrats on the book(s)!


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