Monday, 11 April 2016

Springish Bits and Pieces

I am feeling much more energized this week. Little things are inspiring me and it feels like I'm getting my groove back. We had a lovely Easter break.
Tani and I got to do quite a few jobs on his days off. There is something about this time of year which actually makes this kind of stuff fun. We took a couple of trips to the tip and finally painted the garage door, front door and post box in matching slate/navy blue. I think it looks very smart and  even a little nautical along with the white borders and frames.

 On Friday we took a trip to the garden centre and the girls chose a packet of seeds each. Matilda chose Butterfly and Bee Wildflower mix, Seraphina chose giant Sunflowers, Nola chose Nasturtiums and the ever practical Boo couldn't decide between Swedes or Tomatoes. In the end she chose Tomatoes because she liked the idea of Swedes more than the taste of them. Now we are waiting to see whose little green shoots will appear first. They are all getting plenty of watering from Nola and her little green watering can. Seeds can't drown can they? She also likes to sing them made up songs since Boo told her they grow better if you talk to them. I also potted up some blue pansies into a hanging basket (to match the new paintwork if that isn't too sad :). I have decided to fill our patio with pot plants this Summer. I have always loved that look.  I just hope the dog doesn't go digging through them like she did when she ate all our strawberry plants a couple of years ago.

Boo had another orthodontic check up today. It looks like she will definitely need a fixed brace. I'm hoping she won't need traction on one of her front teeth as it will require more surgery :( Prayers, happy thoughts, good vibes are all very much appreciated :)

Nola does not want to go to school on her birthday (which is on Wednesday) She is only five so I completely understand. At her age I don't think she will be missing out on anything particularly crucial if she takes the day off. Problem is I don't want to put her teachers on the spot by taking her out for the day and telling them the truth (which can illicit a  £100 fine!!!) and I definitely don't want to lie to them so in the end we reached a bit of a compromise.  Nola loves our local farm as you can pet the animals so we took her for a day out this Sunday and made it into a birthday treat. She got to be the birthday girl for the whole day! And do you know what she spent most of her time doing? Petting the Guinea Pigs except she calls them "Winnie-Pegs." Boo says we should get a couple for her birthday and call them "Winnie" and "Peggy." I'm nearly convinced. Unfortunately I don't think the cat or dog would be. On Wednesday we are  going to have a birthday tea after school with Emmy, Matthew and baby Rowan and lots of cake and ice-cream of course. She is so excited and keeps asking me how many sleeps are left.

Tomorrow morning Emmy, Rowan, Boo and I are planning on buying her birthday presents in town together. It will be the first time we've been out with Rowan in town and I am really looking forward to it. They came over at the weekend and he has definitely had a growth spurt. All those sleepless nights have helped him gain a pound and a few ounces over his birth weight. Poor Mama is pretty tired but is doing really well. They are my loves.




  1. Beautiful photos, and goodness what a sweet, sweet boy. Adorable!

  2. What a lovely post. A happy birthday to your little one. Five? Where did that time go?

  3. You have to pay a fine to keep your kids home from school? :/

    Sounds like some fun times! :D

  4. What a sweet baby!! What a wonderful smile! Wishing you well!

  5. Beautiful baby and those girls I just love them. Happy Birthday to Miss Sweet 5 year old.

  6. Great photos, I liked a lot. You have a new follower from Spain. Best regards from


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