Wednesday, 2 March 2016

{Yarn Along}

Joining one of my favourite blogs, "Small Things" today for Yarn Along.
Here are some pictures of my weeks works in progress. A custom Earth Mama doll and  I'm still working on Emmy's baby's longies. They are to for 6-12 months so I have some time left to finish them :)

I haven't been reading too much of late as, thanks to my Vitamin D deficiency, my eyes tire easily at the moment. However, I have, thanks to my resident teens just discovered to joys of the You-tube playlist I know I'm a little behind on all this folks. Thank heaven's for the resident teens, right.
I love doing my work with music playing in the background.
I don't follow the charts (do charts still exist?) and haven't a clue what is popular or not right now but again, thanks to my household teenagers I've been introduced to a lot of new artists. My tastes are really eclectic. I love anything,  as long as it either makes me want to cry, have an adventure or sing (badly but enthusiastically) along. :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!

I just noticed Sylvie in the background. Look how this dog sleeps. This dog has a pretty good life.


  1. The felted doll is beautiful!

  2. I love that doll. Is it for Emmy? My husband often makes YouTube playlists; he syncs his phone with the TV somehow and we watch videos all night, ha. It's like being a teenager watching MTV again. :)

  3. I have fallen in love at first sight with that beautiful, beautiful doll.

  4. You Tube playlists? That sounds dangerous! Love your Earth Mama doll she is beautiful.

  5. That is such a gorgeous doll! I can't imagine letting anyone play with her. I'd want her somewhere close where I could feel her peace.

  6. I absolutely love your Earth Mama doll!!! You and are the same - I also find I am very eclectic with my taste in music and more often or not I leave it to the boys to choose. I think - charts still do exist??? chuckles quietly - I will have to ask Tristan when he is home from college :)
    have a beautiful day hun xxx

  7. The doll is amazing! Where in the world are you?


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