Friday, 26 February 2016

{Soulfood Friday}

Apologies for my lateness again with this weeks Soulfood Friday. It seems that life just gets the better of me at the moment. 

We usually go to a local National Park/Woods for a home-school meet up on Fridays and by the time we get home and warmed up it's time to pick the school girls up. Then of course it's Friday laundry, which is a little more epic than usual if that is even possible followed by dinner, bath and bed time which means preparing posts should really be done a day before scheduled. One day I'll remember this I'm sure. 

But I'm going to cut myself some slack because Friday is my favourite day and this is "Soulfood Friday" which is all about honouring souls before  deadlines. It is also about trusting deeply that there is a time for everything and sometimes our soul's timing is better than our pocket-watch's. 

Emmy comes home on Fridays which is another reason to be happy while the routines of the week can be left with the pile of coats in the utility room and the noise of girls' chatter in the kitchen makes me feel the best kind of warm.

My Thyroid has been playing tricks on me again and my Vit D levels are properly low so I'm on a seven week course of industrial strength supplements and blood tests to level things out again. I'm drinking all my good green juices and smoothies and getting as much sunlight as my little corner of England will offer. 

On a happier note our littlest love is growing big and strong in his Mama's tummy and it shouldn't be long before we actually get to meet him (she will be 37 weeks on Sunday)

Many apologies if I've not replied to notes, messages and e-mails at the moment, I appreciate each and every kind and encouraging word and hope to be able to devote more time to responding in the coming weeks. 

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful weekend xx

A birthday gift

Sewing with Boo

Our littlest love

 Every Friday I'll be pausing to notice something from the week that has nourished my soul. 

A special, sacred-everyday moment captured on camera, or perhaps a snippet from a book, a recipe still warm from the kitchen or something whimsical that simply made me smile.
Here are a few simple things that have fed my soul this week. 

What has inspired/fed/nourished your soul this week friends? 

 Feel free to link up to your own soulful spaces either at the bottom of this post or in the comments.




  1. 37 weeks, how exciting! Wishing her all the best in these finals weeks.

    Take care of yourself Suzy Mae. xo

  2. Thank you for posting this. I have been getting down on myself about my lack of activity the past few days (feeling under the weather). I needed to be reminded that taking care of myself is more important than getting stuff done. It will be there next week, right?

    I really hope you get feeling better soon as well. :)

  3. Hi Suzy Mae, I hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. I hope you'll be better soon!
    Have a happy weekend ... Frauke from Germany

  5. just a few weeks and he'll be with all you :)
    my daughter's pediatrician told us everybody should take vitD supplement during winter ad not just babies, that's why i take the same supplements my daughter takes these months. living on these latitudes means having a very low amount of vitD.
    happy weekend!

  6. Wow 37 weeks! How exciting. I do hope al that goodness you are soaking up does some good. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I used to love pressing flowers when I was younger - in fact I still do - a lovely way to pass the time. Hope you are feeling a bit better and getting all the Vitamin D you can while it is sunny. Life can get a bit hectic sometimes - I get behind with my blog visits too - 24 hours just doesn't seem enough some days. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  8. Hi Suzy Mae, i hope you'll be better soon!
    Today i bring you some flowers, maybe the make you smile ;-)
    Greetings from Germany ... Frauke


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