Wednesday, 14 October 2015

{Yarn Along}

 I am still working on Matilda's Pickles Vest. I'm a little less inspired third time around, not because I don't like the pattern, I love it, it's just that novelty motivates me when it comes to knitting and I'm ready to get my hands on some interesting textures and colourways after metres and metres of what is a very pretty but rather monotonous beige/lavender aran.

I have been enjoying "Listening Below the Noise" by Anne D. Le Clare. It was gifted to me by a very kind and thoughtful friend and I have already copied down many a quote from it's pages.

"Just as a blade can pare fruit, sculpt wood or inflict injury, or a key can set free or imprison, in hundreds of tongues around the world, words are being employed both to hurt and to heal. To cause both peace and chaos. To connect and to isolate. To praise and to condemn. Create harmony and discord. Honor and abase. To mask truth and to tell it. To align and to alienate neighbors and nations.
Again I consider, how do I use my allotment? How mindful am I of my intent? How responsible am I to my speech? How long will the effects of my carelessly spoken words linger? In silence, I sit and contemplate."


"There is a book called The Hidden Messages of Water by the Japanese scientist Dr. Masuru Emoto. When Dr. Emoto began experimenting with photographing crystals, he found that when the water he used for the experiments was exposed to words like "love" and "gratitude" and "wisdom," it formed stunningly beautiful crystals. But when it was subjected to words like "hate" and "You're ugly," the crystals became dark, malformed and fragmented.
Earlier this morning, as I stared at the photographs Dr. Emoto took - visual evidence of the power of language - I wondered this: If the vibrations of words can affect water so dramatically, what do they do to us? We who are comprised of more than 70% water."

" Our emotions and feelings have an effect on the world moment by moment," Dr. Emoto writes. "If you send out words and images of creativity, then you will be contributing to the creation of a beautiful world. However, emitting messages of destruction, you contribute to the destruction of the universe."

Anne D. LeClare  "Listening Below the Noise - The Transformative Power of Silence"

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  1. you always bless my heart, thanks

  2. again.. you have made me smile. karma - "cause and effect" ....
    brightest blessings darling xxx

  3. so much to think on with those quotes. <3

  4. I understand you knitting feelings, I have those when it comes to hat knitting the same hat over and over.
    Love all the beautiful quotes and will be jotting them in my book, thank you dear friend.

  5. Thank you for these reading suggestions...

    I don't knit, but my daughter, grand daughter, a daughter-in-law do. :-) My daughter also spins her own yarn.

    Hugs and magic,

  6. Oh I love that thought of words effecting us because of our water content. I took an American Indian Literature class last year and read N. Scott Mamaday for the first time. He speaks of words and silence in a similar manner.

  7. Gosh what thought provoking quotes. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Wonderful quotes, I would love to read that book. Thank you for sharing. I hear you on the knitting and needing a bit of novelty.

  9. Such profound words. I'll be keeping them close to my heart for some time. The world would be an amazing place if we could all send out beautiful words...

  10. I would really enjoy reading that book. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you're having a good week, Suzy Mae.


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