Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What learning looked like today

Making elastic band bracelets

Designing doll worlds

Displaying yesterday's collages

Reading new post from the RSPB

Making art with salt and glitter

Creating a board game for her paper animals

Reading articles from here, playing games here and solving problems here.

Experiments on a whim inspired by this

chatting about stuff

seeking still and silent places when and where they arise.

Tilly and Boo taking pictures of the fading flowers which I can't bring myself to bin because there is beauty here too.


Sunlight after a rainstorm

More random and unplanned science

A puppy bandana (pattern found here

Modeled by Sylvie.

+ Unphotographed, bickering, making up. Messes and clean-ups. General toddler randomness, silliness, sweetness and sticky kisses. And the way children force you to simply, enjoy, have fun and take in the simple moments with full presence. Not fighting against this teaches me so much. Life is meant to be embraced fully and deeply. Being with my children teaches me this lessson and for it I'm grateful!


  1. Thank you for sharing a little peak into your world. Your new house looks like a wonderful place to be growing up and learning.

  2. I can never part with the fading flowers promptly either. Maybe even more so with tulips, their petals always twisting and curling in new and interesting ways…

  3. Beautiful suzy! Love this glimpse into your day. Looks perfect.

  4. Oh such beauty and inspiration! Your home looks so bright and cheery (a must for us!) and your children look so happy! You are so inspiration dear mama--- always seeking peace and love and beauty in the everyday.

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}


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