Monday, 24 March 2014


Not much really :)
Bit sad and emotional that Grandma and Grandpa had to leave us and return to the states.
Felt like I just wanted to curl up in bed with a book which I did for as long as one wee little miss would allow :)
Pottered about a bit. We all slept a lot as three girls were not feeling well and poor Fina was up during the night with sickness and a temperature. Lots of sheets and a pair of PJs to wash. Lunch was crumpets with jam and cups of tea...Dinner, leftovers and bits and pieces scavenged from the fridge :) We read one chapter of Anne of Green Gables and I worked a little bit on some commissions. Tilly made some lovely porridge at one point and we filled a bag for the charity shop with outgrown winter clothes.
Emmy had an hour appointment with her physiotherapist and then spent some time in town with a friend.
The house and garden really need a bit of tlc as they have been neglected of late to make space for more important things :) Today was not the day for such endeavours and I savoured that knowledge, allowing myself to simply let go of what I can't do with peace and trust.

All the while thinking of this nice quote:

"So I asked Fr. Langford: What did Mother Teresa do when it seemed that there was more work than she could possibly handle?
His response was simple and wise, and it marked a turning point in my life. In his reply to my email, he wrote:
The [work she could not get to] she did not think twice about, nor should you or I, since God is not asking you to do what He does not give you the time (or health, or resources) to do. So be at peace."
 H/T Conversion Diary

And then there's Sylvie Puppy who makes me smile. She has the most lovely presence. Often she'll just come up to me during the day and rest her little chin on me just when I need it.
Well, I feel grateful and peaceful.
That's all.


  1. Wonderful post! Take it easy, enjoy life and hold your loved ones dear ---esp if they live far away :(

    Beautiful pictures, lovely quote....

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}


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