Monday, 20 January 2014

A String of Pearls

"The details make life holy. If you want a little happiness in life don’t forget to look at the little things. It is a poet’s work to see the incidental, pluck it, place an appropriate silence around both sides and see the profound in what passes for a passing moment. It is an artist’s job to as much discover art as create it. Prayer is a way of making the common profound by pausing, tying knots around a moment, turning our life into a string of pearls."
Noah Ben Shea


  1. Beautiful Suzy. I have been wanting to spend the day like this too, take a photo an hour for the day, hopefully this week.
    Yes, folding clothes is one job I don't enjoy.

  2. I love seeing these photo an hour projects! I love your 4pm light, one of my favourite times of the day, for me it's usually a quiet hour before beginning the dinner/bath/bed routine! X

  3. Your new house looks beautiful as do your photos, what a lovely idea.

  4. Dear Suzy, It is so nice to see these moments of your day and the bits of your new home. I am so so so happy for you and your trees and your contented home feeling!!! (I understand the longing!)
    I want to capture the moments too, small and big. Trying to remember to pick up the camera, but I do still have a little one fairly attached to me :)
    Sending much love,
    Renee <3
    p.s. 10 am photo is so so sweet!

  5. what an amazing project. seeing what happens during the course of your day, so that you remember just how amazing it all is, how busy it all is. perfect!


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