Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Yarn Along ~ Craft On

Joining Small Things and Frontier Dreams today...

Apparently it takes me a trip to Gatwick Airport and back to knit a Nola sized vest!
Sadly, Tani's Mum and Dad left on Sunday. It has been really sad for all of us especially the girl's who really, deeply miss their Gjyshi and Gjyshe...
Gatwick is a long way away so it was quite therapeutic to knit and purl my way there.. Goodbyes are hard.
I am amazed Nola still fits in the longies and cardi I knit her while pregnant!
Admittedly, the cardigan's sleeves are getting a little short and it is misshapen from wear, but that's a good thing right?

I am going to add more embroidery to the vest sometime this week!


We've been enjoying "An Illustrated Country Year" which Boo saved up and bought with her very own pocket money. It is such a cosy book with beautiful illustrations. 

On other crafty news, the amazingly gifted Scarlet at Ladybird Doll Studio created these absolutely beautiful dolls which (shhh, will be Matilda my own mermaid girl's big Christmas gift this year:)

Yes, somehow that is a secret that will have to be kept by 4 very excited girlies and their one very excited Mama for just over 2 months!!! Asking a lot? We'll see :) 
Hope I can wait that long myself! 

Aquamarine teeswater locks!!! 


  1. The mermaid is beautiful hope you can all keep the surprise!

    The book you shared looks wonderful, thank you.

    I love car knitting too, its amazing what you can create on a long journey.

  2. Oh my goodness she is like a knitted up dream! I love her outfit!!


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