Friday, 6 September 2013

Last Remnants of a lovely Summer

Favourite Summer memories from this year:

Nola being a real part of the gang, saying "come on guys" all the time and sticking up for her sister's or comforting them when they are sad.
Sitting in the tent in the back garden with my knitting and listening to the girls play and potter in the garden.
Spreading a blanket out in a quiet, unknown little spot at our local national trust park with a book or my sewing watching the older girls build a hut from willow branches.

A hut that many children have come to play and have fun in during this Summer.
Borage flowers from our garden prettily littering salads, soups and the top of cakes.
Nola searching for bugs and slugs beneath my tubs and pots!!!
Taking quiet, small, incremental moments to help the older girls to make their own small Waldorf dolls!
Boo winning little Maeve from the amazingly talented and generous Jenny Wren.
Helping Granny to move into her new bungalow!
A small break with cousin Era and Auntie Lida in a quiet spot in the middle of a wood.
Boo being chosen by a street artist to feature in his performance in Covent Garden.
Exhilarating visits to  the Parrot Zoo and cleansing visits to the sea.
Midsummer nights dream open air performance with strawberries and sparkling wine we pretended was champagne for our picnic.
A very VERY  big secret that I can't wait to share in the next few weeks but must keep very quiet about at the moment!
And this is not all, but it is a list of all the first things that came into my mind that made me smile :)



  1. Suzy, your summer...beautiful! And you have me so very curious to know the secret! Cant wait. Love to you all!

  2. Looks like a beautiful summer. And a secret, looking forward to the reveal :) Enjoy your weekend.

  3. What a beautiful pictures. Look like a lovely summer!

  4. Looks and sounds like a memorable summer. Can't wait to learn your secret! Hmm...


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