Sunday, 4 August 2013

Gratitude Sunday


Joining Taryn @ Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday
And Ann for Multitude Monday
  • Boo's smiling face and sparkling eyes when she saw this... Jenny makes the most incredibly beautitul dolls, we are so grateful for this generous gift.
  • Windbreaks on a very windy beach :)
  • Warm waves, long and shallow enough for little girls to splash about in.
  • Making friends with a little boy and having fun playing frisbee even though the wind kept blowing it about and no one could catch it!
  • Nola making friends with a puppy on the beach
  • A husband who is my best friend in all the world. Who knows when it is the right time to take his wife out and buy her a Bellini just because they are her favourite and her best :)
  • Emmy playing her own compositions on the piano.
  • Girls colouring quietly on the table.
  • A deserted piece of park, a blanket, some sunshine, a poetry book and blue sky peeping through the leaves of a lime tree, while listening to the imaginative play of my two middle girls in the distance.
  • Small margins for meditation.
  • An evening spent crafting and chatting about life the universe and everything with a dear friend.
  • Finally, the bungalow my mother hoped for but didn't expect and her joy and my relief.
  • Homemade green gooseberry jam on Irish Soda Bread
  • Reading Alfie and Annie Rose to Fi on the bed 
  • Saying sorry for being impatient about chocolate icecream splatters on the carpet
  • An impromptu living room performance of a Grimms Brothers fairytale 
  • Tickets to a show in the girls bedroom, starring their dolls, with counters to buy icecream in the interval
  • Midsummer Nights Dream on a perfect Summer Eve with strawberries, icecream and hide and seek in the gardens during the interval for the girls and a newly made friend.


  1. Lovely. and what great photos. :)

  2. Love those first four pictures!

  3. It sounds like you have had a lovely holiday. What a fantastic prize your LO won!

  4. such fun pictures - particularly the ones at the beginning of this gratefulness post! so glad i popped by to look at them!

  5. Giggling that your husband is your *beast* friend. Sending love because you are brilliant. xx

    1. Lol Amy Danielle! Well spotted. Could it have been a freudian slip?
      Giggling :)xx

  6. Love love your pictures. :) Thank you for joining Gratitude Sunday. Coming over to visit (a bit belated.)


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