Monday, 13 May 2013



I am reading:
Walter Wink's book, "Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way." and following Tonia's great series on the book over @ Study in Brown.

I am listening to:

I am writing:

I am feeling:
Overwhelmed, at peace, frustrated, melancholy, joyful, excited, prayerful, grateful...and a wee bit tired. throughout these, busy, full days of motherhood. All intermittent except the tired part :)

For dinner tonight:

Pasta with simple garlic, chili and olive oil.

I'd like to share:
Some pictures from today... Spent mainly in the garden.

Rainbow window stars still up from a certain small someone's rainbow themed birthday.
Our Springish window star!
Can you see our new little pets? Yes they really are shrimps!
Poppy fell out of her pushchair today, she needed a paper towel bandage and lots of cuddles and tea ( and cake :) Thankfully she is feeling much better now.
I can't beleive how well loved our waldorf dolls are! Although after a day of garden play I'm thinking they are looking a little grubby and could do with a bath.

Green is such a healing colour. Sometimes I'll just spend time gazing at my garden boards on pinterest and I'll come away feeling all revived and renewed. Green is very cleansing.
Our fairy garden
I sewed this pinafore for Emmy years ago! It has been worn by each child in turn so I have certainly got my efforts worth in :) I think this is the way with homemade clothing. It is valued so much more. This dress is covered in repair jobs!
As soon as Seraphina knows I'm taking photos of her she poses in the most amusing ways. I love her "natural" pensive poses best of all I think :)

Seraphina loves to pick bay leaves for me to put in stews and soups.

A simple bird feeder the girls made at rainbows!

Old fashioned Primulas and cowslips, my favourites (including aquilegias) One day when I'm an old purple wearing lady, I'll have a small nursery that you'll only be able to find down some obscure country lane and it'll sell nothing but pots and pots of primula's cowslips and aquilegias :)
A little silence and Seraphina's posy littering the loveliest pollen all over the table.


  1. What a lovely blog you have! The dress is very cute! Beautiful pictures and I like your fairy garden! Greetings Stella

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment Stella :)

  2. i love reading you. you are a calming balm to a crazy day. many blessings. <3

    1. Thank you momto5, that is lovely to here :)

  3. Enjoyed this, love the pictures.

  4. oh suzy, my beautiful friend, you inspire me and add such beauty to my life. i love you dearly.

  5. Suzy you have such a gift, making the regular so magical x


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