Monday, 29 October 2012



The temperatures have suddenly dropped and the Autumn colours are gently seeping through the once abundant, rain induced greenery of Summer.

Nola did well to walk up this steep hill against the biting wind.

Once we got into the shade of the woodland, her energy returned however, and Tani was sent on quite  a *muddy* wild goose chase around after her as she stumbled about the damp, leaf strewn ground.

Every small thing amuses her.

She has the sharpest eyes when it comes to discovering tiny little bugs, she always picks them up with great care and gentleness.
 I'm always worried she will damage them but she never seems to.

It reminds me a little of how wild animals carry their babies in their mouths.

 It's funny how she whispers to them as well, "Buggoo, buggoo, eep, eep, buggoo, dare go, bye, bye, kiss."


In the meantime the girls an I found an hollowed out log and went about finding materials for making a fairy house.

We found some sticks long enough and strong enough to lock into place for a roof and wove some thinner, bendier sticks through it.
Fina collected some Sweet Chestnut leaves for tiles which she laid on top followed by some mossy bark.

More lovely leaves made a beautifully plush carpet. Boo found a lovely arched shaped stick to make a grand archway. And Matilda, being a domestic girl at heart, found some broken Conker casings and filled them with all sorts of wonderful forest delights for the fairies supper.

Fina made the little flag at the top, and Boo said the special fairy verse: "Fairy, Fairy come tonight, While you're in your fairy flight. For we have made a fairy house!" Usually the words end with "For we have got a letter." The fairies are in snail mail communication with the girls.


Seraphina declared the house "Fabnolious" which is everything wonderful she can think of rolled into one word.


 The glimmer of sunlight through trees is one of the most beautiful things in life to me. Sometimes just looking  makes me feel recharged and renewed. A golden, Autumnal sun is even more special.

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  1. what a beautiful autumn outing! my 8yo would have been in fairy heaven playing there with your girls :)

  2. Awesome place to be, beautiful pictures.

  3. somehow i was missing you on my list of blogs i read everyday. i thiught... where did she go, and yet you were here all along. i love you writing and your photographs. i have some catching up to do. many blessings.


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