Thursday, 2 August 2012

Some little bits and pieces from our week...

“Always be a poet, even in prose.”
Charles Baudelaire


Fairy tea parties in the garden.
Ingredients for a perfect cup of fairy tea: : Some daisy heads and lots of muddy water.


Nola's favourite word at the moment is egg. She has also started called Emmy "Eggy" much to our amusement and Emmy's um, bemusement.


Little dolly tums and bums :)
Lots of happy doll making going on here!


Lots of cool water on hot sunny days and evenings!

Lot's of mud pie kitchen baking. A staple of all little girls Summers.


And this (see below) is what happens when your rabbits run free in your garden.
It is also what tends to grow from your compost patch when your main source of compost material is rabbit (ahem) poo :)


Look at this sweet little fellow raised from frogspawn by the girls. Now all I have to do is save him from Fina and her fishing net :) Swim froggy swim!



  1. So lovely! My daughters had that same doll house (til it got mould spots underneath) and have the same doll house chairs. :)

  2. beautiful photos. I love the dolls you've been making, your shop looks great!

  3. I have loved catching up on all the happenings in your world Suzy Q. The girls are all getting so big! I can only imagine the wonderful sounds that echo through your home with so much life happening. Enjoy!

  4. beautiful days suzy! we love fairy tea parties here too :)

  5. I just adore your header. This brought back sweet memories of my childhood. I used to love making mudpies when I was a kid. :)

    I am your newest GFC follower from the blog hop. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside


  6. thank you for checking in on me Suzy. And so I just had to rush over here as I replied to your comment – these last eight weeks have not been very peaceful or serene – as I've wrestled hard – all of these pictures – ALL of them are peaceful – and family – and love – and the beauty of God – so thank you, I really enjoyed them. Step by step back into the "here and now". God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours


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