Friday, 17 August 2012

Make Whimsical Paper Chain Fairies

Paper Chain Fairies

Here is the PDF pattern for you to download to make your own Paper chain Fairies.

(Note: Make sure you scale up the PDF for printing :)
fairy paper chain 3

Last weekend we had lots of fun decorating the girl’s bedroom windows with fairy paper chains.

 fairy paper chain 9

First we traced one of the fairies from the PDF image onto the top edge of a piece of paper .

 fairy paper chain 1

Then we folded the paper into a concertina and cut out the selected areas, taking care not to cut through the wing joins.

 fairy paper chain 2

Now for the fun part...

 fairy paper chain 3

Opening out your paper chain...

 fairy paper chain 5

These little paper chain fairies look really pretty draped from the window.

 fairy paper chain 6

 fairy paper chains 8


  1. Too cute. Littlest one is off to a party today, a fairy chain would be such a surprise for the birthday girl in her card. Off to find some paper. Thankyou :)

  2. How lovely, thanks for sharing. I can see some paper chain fairies in our future soon :)

  3. I LOVE paper crafts and I've been wanting to make paper chain folks for ages. I am utterly charmed by your paper chain fairies. I mean FAIRIES - who doesn't love fairies? So gonna make these with my kidlets. And those butterflies are incredible. So delicate.

  4. What a fun idea! :) I love stopping by here! Thank you.

  5. love — especially with the found paper!

  6. Oh so lovely! And perfect for my window! Thank you. I just found your blog and I am sitting with a smile on my lips because its beautiful!


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