Friday, 24 August 2012

An Autumn Fairy and an Autumn Verse


Here is an Autumn Verse to accompany Autumn stories or to use for copy work or as a beautiful background to a nature table.

 An Autumn Lullaby

Wren upon the branch alights,
His song as clear as morning light.
His nest as warm as golden leaf,
Made of moss and flaxen sheaf,

Light the candles fill the stores
With windfalls, berries, hips and haws
Squirrels hoard, Bears seek dens
To sleep till Spring returns again.

Autumn is dressed in red, gold and brown
Swirling in leaves and soft thistle down
Dreaming a dream that is both old and new.
The dream of Autumn is inside of you.

gnome hat


  1. so sweet! I love the detail

  2. Gorgeous - both fairy and verse!

  3. Wow, what beautiful fairy. I love the colours you chose and all the embroidery details. Very especial.


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